NK Maribor Adidas Kits 2013/14

NK Maribor Adidas Kits 2013/14

NK Maribor Adidas Kits 2013/14

Solvenian club NK Maribor have unveiled their new adidas kits for 2013/14. The club are the current Slovenian Champions. Due to their domestic success, the club qualified to play in this season’s Champions League and enter the competition in the second qualifying round. They have been drawn against Maltese Premier League champions Birkirkara.


The club’s new home kit is mainly purple with yellow pinstripes and yellow detail. The new away shirt is mainly white with purple pin stripes and purple detail.


Video: NK Maribor 2013/14 adidas Kit Launch

Posted on July 13, 2013

Comments on “NK Maribor adidas Kits 2013/14”

  1. Changeme

    @ Samuel, I’m supposed to know your nationality by a handle on a Web page?! The league isn’t the best however there’s reasons for that, finance, attraction of the league etc.

    @8. Skrtel is Slovakian.

  2. Samuel

    #7 ..Im from Slovenia you fool but living in England now . Our national league is sh*t

  3. Rro87

    Agree with jarkko hate people that comment such as “awful kit, awful team, awful league” whereas true football fans are the ones who support their local team no matter what league/nation/standard. Not glory hunters that support man utd but live nowhere near the place. And its for that reason that any decent players from these smaller teams have their talent snapped up because some guy in cornwall decides hes a man utd fan and buys the whole family football shirts making money to fund these so called talentless players from talentless teams from a talentless country.


    hate to agree with jakko for once but when they produce good players they are snapped up quickly, martin skertal is a big example

  5. Rro87

    Well said jarkko hate comments such as “crap kit, crap team, crap league” at the end of the day your a proper football fan if you support your local team no matter what league. Not another tag along to man utd but live no where near the place.

  6. Changeme

    Samuel, what do you know of slovenian football? Not every league is as rich as Italy and Germany etc so cannot afford superstar players. Your opinion is preconceived with no knowledge of anything to do with my nation.

  7. Samuel

    Gharish horrible kits , sh*t league too

  8. Doctor's Your Uncle

    Decent shirts. I like the purple. The sponsor destroys it, though.

  9. Changeme

    Nice kits for my team, always liked the purple and yellow mix. I am happy with these.

  10. Sainty

    Superb kits & a cracking combination of colours.

  11. Rooney Is Sooooo Ugly

    looks good , nice enough

  12. Bostonshire La La La

    Let me guess… Maribor is all in?

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