No Surprises! Messi Shirt Sales Led To Boost For PSG

It goes without saying that having one of the GOATs in your club brings commercial success one way or the other. That certainly is the case with PSG getting a massive revenue increase, with Lionel Messi accounting for majority of that welcome financial news for the club. His mere arrival pushed merchandising numbers up by 40%. But considering most of the overall revenue figure were shirt sales, quantitatively, the Argentine’s impact stood at a hefty 60% jersey sold. That majority number is even more impressive with the Parisians also having Neymar, Mbappe, and Ramos shirts to bank on.

It will be interesting to see how this will buoy future revenue figures (and shirt sales, specifically). With 6 goals and 13 assists in 25 matches, Messi under performed even his average numbers (which are still quite high), not to mention the fact that Ligue 1 is arguably less competitive than La Liga. The UCL title remains elusive and reports of unhappiness in Paris surround Lionel Messi. Kylian Mbappe just snubbed Real Madrid, but staying in PSG is still a bit uncertain for both Messi and Neymar. Assuming they stay, there are still questions about whether the trio could really work together as a front three.

Messi used the number 30 for his PSG shirt. It was the same number he held at the start of his career in Barcelona before eventually settling in as the undisputed number 10 at the Nou Camp.

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