Northampton Town 2016/17 Nike Away Shirt

League Two champions Northampton Town pose in their latest away shirt ready to tackle new opponents in 2016/17.

After dominating League Two, almost hitting 100 points but falling just short at an impressive 99, Northampton Town will now ply their trade in League One and travel to away games in a classy predominantly white shirt with black trim.


Using a traditional Nike kit template of a buttoned polo-neck collar, Northampton Town’s away shirt is solid white all-over whilst black trim features on the shoulders and flanks. A Nike Swoosh and club crest pose at opposing chest panels and above The University of Northampton sponsorship.

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  1. Disappointing.
    Not the kit, which is clean, if not a template Nike shirt
    But the change to Nike, which makes them just another Nike team

  2. I used to live in Northampton when I moved down from Scotland, went to games & had a real soft spot for the club.

    Fast forward to the 90’s & I started following Bristol Rovers, it’s seems because I’ve watched a few games I now know everything about Bristol football.

    The bloke I sit next to at the Mem wears big ear defenders, must not like the sound of clapping….

    Anyway, I digress, the shirt is white

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