Northern Rock To Continue Sponsoring Newcastle United

Northern Rock To Continue Sponsoring Newcastle United

Northern Rock To Continue Sponsoring Newcastle United

Northern Rock has announced that it will continue to sponsor Newcastle United FC. The current deal is due to expire in 2010 and many had thought that with the Bank now under government ownership, that they would relinquish their deal with the Tyneside club.

However Northern Rock executive chairman Ron Sandler told MP’s it was in the best interests of the bank to continue the sponsorship deal.

Northern Rock will also continue to sponsor the Newcastle Falcons rugby side but has ended deals with county cricket clubs Middlesex and Durham.

This move is sure to anger many a British taxpayer as it was their money that was used to help Northen Rock out of it’s financial crisis. Northern Rock took over as the main sponsor of Newcastle United in 2003 taking over from NTL.


Posted on May 22, 2008

Comments on “Northern Rock to continue sponsoring Newcastle United”

  1. Jimbo

    Why the hell are my hard earned tax pounds being used to fund one of the most over funded and jumped up sports ever conceived by man! The fact that British tax payer’s money is being used to fund this farce is an outrage. It’s just another example of Gordon Browns incompetence and inability to lead.

  2. Chris

    Oops, sorry!!

    Came onto the site to look at new football shirts and seem to have wandered into a BBC Business Blog…

    Apparently Newcastle have already spent the sponsorship money given to the by the Rock up to 2010

  3. Tommy C

    suprised northern rock can give sponsor money

  4. Culkinnufcfan

    i fink newcastle shuda dropped northern rock n got sony or sumat

  5. Big Bad Ad

    does anybody know when the new away kit for newcastle is coming out???

  6. Chip

    bring back Newcastle Brown as the sponsor! 🙂

  7. Damo

    the only reason that they are carrying on sponsoring newcastle is because they had a 5 year contract agreement.

  8. Augustus

    Errr… Why exactly am I sponsoring a football club?

  9. Newcastle Utd Gavin McElroy

    cant wait till the nufc away top comes out

  10. Phil_G

    Not sure that is a smart move for newcastle to be honest. They are the most unreliable company at the moment, don’t think i would want them as a sponser but beggars cant be choosers i guess.

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