Official: Brazil 2014 World Cup Nike Home Shirt

The hosts and favourites of next year’s World Cup Brazil have officially launched their new Nike home kit in an event in Rio de Janeiro.

The kit will be worn by the hosts next summer and the new kit combines cultural design, performance innovation and environmentally sustainable materials. Captivated by the creativity of Brazil, the new design features the iconic canary yellow home colours with green trim on the sleeve hems and collar.

Creative Director for Nike Football Martin Lotti mentioned: “The Brazilian home kit is like a national flag; it symbolizes the country and its people, We wanted to create a fusion of the high speed brilliance of football and the culture of Brazil while staying true to what the home kit represents.”


One of the stars of Brazil Neymar said: “To wear the ‘amarelinha’ is an honour for me and my team mates,” says Brazil star Neymar. “Brazil is a very special place to play football, and we want to play hard and win for our country. This kit helps us to do that with both the technology and the inspiration it provides.”

Behind the crest on the inside of the jersey is a printed slogan: “Nascido para jogar futebol” which is Brazilian Portuguese for “Born to Play Football”. Several well known Brazilians including Paulinho, Thiago Silva, Neymar, David Luiz and Bernard were at the special unveiling event. The style of the name and number is inspired by the classic fonts widely used on Brazilian hand printed street posters. All shirts worn by players and sold in Brazil are locally made in Brazil.


The new shirt features a new Y-neck design that provides both a relaxed fit and comfortable look. The Brazilian home shirt is complemented with classic Brazilian Varsity Royal shorts with a white stripe. The Brazilian crest has also been updated where a gold coloured metallic weave was added to the crest for a shimmering effect, and the 2014 crest is slightly larger.

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  1. Could this design BE ANY MORE dull and uninspiring??!! You would have thought Nike would have done something special for a World Cup on home soil!

  2. Looks like Brazil (most important part), and looks neat and handsome. You’re never going to get a lot of change on national kits, especially the primary/home.
    If adidas did the EXACT SAME THING, you morons would be praising it for it’s simplicity, but because it’s Nike, it’s boring.

  3. Such a shame. Would have loved to see Brasil play in a World Cup at home wearing a kit inspired by their illustrious past, not a cookie-cutter shirt like this.

  4. FAKE!!! I refuse to believe this is the actual shirt until I see a photo of it emanating from a plastic bottle!

  5. I’ve got a very similar looking t-shirt I got from tesco about 3 year ago I also have a blue with yellow collar as they came in a pack of 2

  6. @1 – What conspiracy theory? The FIFA rules for the WC Finals are clear. This Brazil kit will last for longer than the tournament and will, for the most part, be worn with blue shorts and white socks. That doesn’t mean they don’t have to wear one colour during the tournament.

  7. FIFA issued a directive for simpler, single colour kits – not a surpise Brazil are able to bypass this.

  8. Not sure they are bypassing it – this launch is for their 2014 kit – not specifically the WC. But I agree that FIFA’s regulation will have the biggest impact on the host nation so will be interesting to see what happens at the WC kit/equipment inspection day in February.

  9. @1

    I assume you walk around with your eyes closed and brain switched off, or you’d understand it. It is light kit versus dark kit, therefore if Brazil play Spain next year the likelihood is that Spain will wear their new all red, while Brazil will wear yellow, white and white. This policy, depending on where you look, is to allow villages along the Congo to watch on black and white television, or to help the officials.

    I don’t remember the last time I saw Brazil play in their world famous yellow, blue and white. These days they nearly always wear yellow, white and white or yellow, blue and blue, compounded by Nike’ insistance, as shown above, to choose the always choose the wrong shade of blue.

  10. Must be a fake. There’s no one standing behind Neymar blowing on the back of his neck to make him fall over and roll around in agony.

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