Official: Everton FC Nike Home Shirt 2013/14

Official: Everton FC Nike Home Shirt 2013/14

Official: Everton FC Nike Home Shirt 2013/14

Everton Football Club have unveiled their new Nike home shirt for the 2013/14 season. The official launch of the new home shirt confirms the leaked pictures we had on our site earlier this month.


The new Everton home shirt features a classic design with a royal blue body with a white collar and white hoops on the sleeves. The shirt features the new club crest which is placed on the top left part of the chest with the Nike logo in white on the opposite side. Club main sponsor Chang has its logo on the front center part of the chest.





Posted on June 27, 2013

Comments on “Official: Everton FC Nike Home Shirt 2013/14”

  1. Andreina

    @ #6: Welcome back the white shorts? When were they gone?

  2. United!!!

    next season … 3 stripes

  3. Bernie Balm

    Indianapolis Colts shirt

  4. Rooney Is Sooooo Ugly

    yep its horrible

  5. Mr.robson

    A bad kit and a bad season beckons

  6. Gallers

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this in River Island.

  7. Bert

    At least it has white socks.

  8. Noel

    Thats nasty. Not good at all.

  9. Fwank Wibberweee

    Ooooo… ‘ello Sailor!

  10. Andy

    Bill Kenwrong. Sort our badge out. Don’t know anyone who will be buying anything with this rubbish on.

  11. Kermit

    It actually looks like a canterbury rugby top from circa 2002.

  12. Madrileño

    Must have taken 5 minutes to rattle up. Opened up the saved file on the computer of last years design and merely changed the extra stripe and slapped a collar on. Utter garbage from Nike, who see no shame is rolling out these bland templates one after the other. As for the badge…

  13. ChewyToffee

    Crap like the team

  14. Peter Atkinson


  15. Scott

    another 5 minute Job by Nike!

  16. Park-end Toffee Pete

    i like this kit, apart from the badge. in Roberto we trust

    @6. Agree hate that phrase. basically a child is born into a family and their social upbringing, mainly the parents, determines who you will eventually support. Dont be fooled though, no child is BORN supporting a club …duuuuuhhhh. We are ALL manufactured by our upbringing/social environment/location on planet Earth

  17. 1878Tommy. Manufactured NOT Born....grow Up!!

    As usual, the actual release of the kit this morning was late. The badge is horrendous as we all all know, I welcome back the white shorts, but I fear our kits are looking more and more like Leicesters and Birminghams. Not liking Nike. Best kit so far is Pumas Uruaguay kit.

  18. Joshua Wilson

    consistent teamwear.. its in our DNA.

  19. Arieengel

    Apparently Everton fans have got lousy kits in their DNA

  20. Matt

    All I can say is that I like it. Besides, it’s nike at you’ve got a uniqueish design (I know it’s arsenals template) compared to most other clubs this season, so that’s a bonus…

  21. Flicktokick

    Not keen on having the badge a different shade of blue from the rest of the shirt, it looks a bit odd. As for the arm bands, well let’s say the jury’s out.

  22. Bubba Gump (Shrimper)

    Actually looks pretty solid/classy to me (aside from the fans’ badge complaints)

  23. Dee See

    Wow, TWO stripes this year…

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