Official: Liverpool Third Shirt 12/13

Delivering a bold design statement, Warrior has unleashed the new 2012/13 Liverpool FC third kit. With a striking graphic print set over a daring colour palette of nightshade, orange and white, the new kit will be worn by Liverpool FC during their upcoming UEFA Europa League campaign and selected Barclays Premier League games.

Inspiration behind the kit’s dominant nightshade colour stems from popular past goalkeeper kits worn by David James during the 1994/95 and 1995/96 seasons, and Pepe Reina in 2010/11.

Ancient tribal warrior markings have been set along the outer sides of the sleeves and side panels – a design first for the Club. Beyond the third kit, this tribal graphic features heavily throughout the 2012/13 Liverpool FC range of apparel and accessories.

Club captain Steven Gerrard said: “The new third kit is completely different from anything we’ve had at LFC during my time at the Club; it’s part of a new era and is a great design. The players love it.”

Manager Brendan Rodgers, who was recently appointed said: “The strip offers the supporters something new, fresh and exciting to wear. I know the players are looking forward to wearing it and performing with pride and distinction in it.”

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  1. Whatever people say about the Warrior Liverpool kits need to remember one thing. The deal eclipses any other shirt deal in UK history.

  2. Really Stevie G? This is the most hideous kit all of time. It looks like a t-shirt than a football jersey.

  3. ‘Tribal graphic’.

    About as impressive as on all the tools who sport such a design around their upper arms, despite having no affiliation with any more exotic-a ‘tribe’ than Anglo-Saxon.

    Dire effort.

  4. haha. if u r manutd's why u bother about us. pls just mind ur club/ u will cry like evra…..hahahahah.

  5. Lmao Liverpool as a club just keep becoming more of a joke! A purple, white and orange shirt?? Really?! And with no signings and the measly sale of Kuyt, surely bargain of the season, Liverpool are just going to become funnier

  6. I think I get why that fake pink kit was banded about before this. It was the only way to make this shirt look less awful.

  7. @RTFI:

    Shouldn’t UnderArmor provide Liverpudlians with gloves with a faux bluebird tattoo between the thumb and forefinger? That would sell sell SELL (or maybe just be stolen stolen STOLEN) from the club shop. You know it would.

  8. ask national team mates about evra and the will tell you how legend he is(chimp may be). anyhu as i told u earlier mind ur club.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again;

    Crappy midtable shirt for a crappy midtable team.

  10. at least it comes with purple shorts and not the bright orange ones that have been on some leaked photos. for me its a waste of time anyway as the black away and the dark purple clash anyway!!

  11. Nice one Liverpool/Warrior. Take two of the least attractive colours in the spectrum (purple and orange) that have no connection whatsoever with the club and jam them together, where their hideousness can multiply.

    Compound the misery by adding white sleeves with faded “bad tattoo” decals worn by steroid abusers the world over with no connection to any “tribe” except maybe Klingon.

    Voila, you have created a shirt that costs nearly £50 but looks like something from the back of the market, the players will shudder to be seen in and even the most hardcore of shellsuit scallys will think twice before wearing.

    If fails were films, this is the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  12. @monkeysaurus

    Actually, if you knew anything about the complimentary colour wheel, you’d realise that orange and purple do work together, and that the neutral colour they create is grey.

    The problem with this shirt is that the design is rubbish, and [insert similar comment about tribal tattoos here].

  13. That would be alright if it had purple sleeves and not some hideous tribal rubbish instead

  14. First off, the purple is immediately wrong, and combining it with white sleeves has already made the shirt crap. Add to that the random tribal pattern and a smidge of orange and you have a hilariously bad kit. But to top it all off they then use a yellow for the badges and sponsors, which is just right shade to perfectly clash with the orange.

    Truly hideous

  15. @12: Absolutely agreed mate.

    It’s just an awful mish-mash of ideas, and for some reason makes me think “Rugby League”…

  16. I think the point that Warrior is trying to make is that they are NOT like everyone out there thinking of the same designs over and over. Adidas kit in a can is getting ridiculous with no sense of creativity. I’m not a huge fan of this 3rd kit but at least they used some imagination.

    I think they made their point… you’re talking about it aren’t you???

  17. as about as much use as last years white and blue kit but this one is more terrible on every level

  18. @17 lol at you trying to justify the design of this kit. It is truly atrocious

  19. Idea comes from a goalkeeper kit from 1995??? Clutching at straws for your inspiration there Warrior…

  20. Shocking at first but – the shirt itself isn’t bad at all.

    The only issue is the colours scheme. However, gray, green, and black, weren’t exactly traditional Liverpool colours either, before they were used.

    Still better than last season’s turquoise and white rubbish.

  21. liverpool fan here . all the kits this year are awful especially this one , my 2 boys always get home and away but they dont want a kit this year . pool will lose money and my kids have to wait at least a year to buy shirt . kop on warrior

  22. do warrior actually want to sell any shirts? all the kits and even the training tops and t-shirts are horrible. bring back adidas please.

  23. Two trains of thought:

    1. Harhester United
    2. We c** t** village from the Inbetweeners


  24. I love this 3rd kit. OK, maybe i'm mad but I do love it!!! Before you slate me, bear in mind I had a brain tumor removed, so maybe that has affected my judgement, LOL :0)

  25. It’s a third kit and that’s where you try this sort of things out. Not on the home or away kit.

  26. same as #1
    literally had me laughing for a min or so
    tribal arms? oh dear liverpool. would actually be decent yet unique without them

  27. After getting the home kit so right … Oh dear! Why couldn’t they of used the same home template for the away and 3rd, one in all white, one in all yellow with both having red detail. Would of been classy and a tribute to previous elegant kits and not horrific Calamity James keeper kits, kits no one wants to remember!

  28. The sleeves look like a temporary tattoo that you get free with a kid’s magazine

  29. The only way this hideous thing would work is if it had Tap Out as the sponsor.

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