Official: Russia 2014 World Cup adidas Away Kit

adidas have officially released Russia’s new away kit for the World Cup in Brazil in June this year.

The design of the new away kit as well as the design of the home kit is also inspired by the achievements of the Soviet astronauts in the 1960s where the Russia home kit was unveiled in November 2013. The new kit embraces the pride of the Russian fans for their team, which will be supported by the whole country at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Together with the national team adidas aims to engage the youth into sports and motivate them to achieve the greatest goals.


According to adidas: The innovative feature of the uniform is its incredible lightness. The net weight of the uniform set is only 320 grams, which is 40% lighter than the previous one in 2012 (510 grams). The other special features are the unique design, inspired by the achievements of Russia in exploring space and latest technologies that have been used in the kit production.


The Earth Scientific Monitoring Centre took part in the developing process of the kit and delivered unique pictures of Earth, taken from the Russian space satellite ‘Electro-L’ #1, to adidas. The outline of the Earth was modified and placed on the t-shirt, now it looks like a light blue semicircle. According to the idea of adidas designers, this image shows same perspective from which Yuri Gagarin who was the first man in space saw Earth in 1961.


There is the adidas logo and the Russian national crest of the Double-Headed Eagle below the print. The collar is made using the Russian flag colours and the basic white colour of the kit is associated with the traditional colour of the space suites and the colour of the clouds which the space explorers see from the above.

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  1. Very nice kit. Cant help but notice that all of the recently released away kits from adidas coincide with this one colour kit ‘rumour’ fifa has for the world cup

  2. Weight of the shirt itself is only 103 grams.
    And, by the way, on home shirt (neck inside) there is printed the word “Poekhali!” which can be translated into English as “Let’s go!” or “Let’s start!”.

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