Official: Southampton FC Adidas Kits 2013/14

Official: Southampton FC Adidas Kits 2013/14

Official: Southampton FC Adidas Kits 2013/14

Southampton Football Club have unveiled their new adidas home and away kits for the 2013/14 season. The Saints, currently managed by Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, will be playing in the Premier League next season after they confirmed their position in the top English division last season.

Home Kit

The Saints’ new kits, in particular the home shirt, has been the cause of much discussion lately as the club has ditched the traditional red and white stripes to present a red shirt with white sleeve panels. The shirt also features gold detail with the shirt manufacturer, club crest and club sponsor all featured in gold. The new home shirt is complemented with red shorts with white detail.

Away Kit

The new away shirt is mainly black with a prominent white v-neck and silver trim alongside white shorts and black socks.

Video – Southampton’s 2013/14 Kits Unveiled!

Images – Club Official Website

Posted on June 28, 2013

Comments on “Official: Southampton FC adidas Kits 2013/14”

  1. Brn442

    Still no stripes. I love the away shirt. They should do a yellow and blue version of that shirt.

  2. Bernie Balm

    I think the slogan means ‘All in… The same template’

  3. Augustus


    I think you are the one who doesn’t get it. An integral part of football is tradition. It is what binds you to your club. The history before you were born, the history when you supported them, and the knowledge they will still be around when you are long gone. Southampton have traditionally worn stripes. Start throwing aspects of tradition away and we might all as well stick a pin in the first fixture list of the season and follow a club at random.

  4. José Alarcón

    The away looks great. Same template as the Spain shirt

  5. DeanoB

    So white with a Red sash is stripes now?

  6. Mitchivic

    they were promoted from League 1 with stripes and had 1 of the longest ever top league stints with Stripes and it’s their history I call all Soton fans to boycott this shirt and fight the power!!!

  7. Rooney Is Sooooo Ugly

    love the away strip , the home is poor

  8. DeanoB

    No-one gets it.

    As long as Southampton hold out on the stripes, they will get talked about(publicity), and as soon as they go back to stripes, they will get talked about(publicity). Win/Win for Southampton really, no wonder Cortese is a successful businessman!!

    All Southampton fans should not worry about the stripes. Did stripes help them from getting relegated in 2005? No!!, Did the stripes help them from getting relegated to League1? No! Did the stripes get them promoted from League1? No! Did stripes help them get promoted back to the Premier League? Maybe =D, did stripes help them stay in the Premier League? No!!(Not full stripes anyway).

    Your boys are now fully fledged in the big time, enjoy it!!

  9. WAFC

    Home horrible. Away, simple, wonderful

  10. Kermit

    Check out the belly on that goalie!

  11. Doctor's Your Uncle

    The home kit is an absolute joke. Bring the stripes back! And clean up those sleeves. The away kit is actually very tidy. One of the few instances of this template really working.

  12. Notyou

    the away kit… surely the goalkeeper won’t be allowed to wear that shirt? colour’s too similar to the outfield players’ shirts.

  13. Mr E

    At least last season’s kit had stripes, even if they were very narrow. This doesn’t look anything like a Southampton kit and to see their tradition cast away for a bog-standard template that half the clubs in the EPL will be wearing next season anyway, is a shame.

  14. Sporran

    What is all this “all in” nonsense they keep having on all the Adidas adverts?

  15. Boggle

    This is a standard shirt from addidas which retails at £17.99 – slap on the club badge etc and charge the extortionate price of £50. Complete rip off.

  16. Allywhite

    The away is a slap to the face of* Fulham fans. Simply inverse the colours of the shirt, shorts, and socks, viola – Fulham’s home kit. Embarrassing.

  17. Allywhite

    The away is a slap to the face to Fulham fans. Simply inverse the colours of the shirt, shorts, and socks, viola – Fulham’s home kit. Embarrassing.

  18. Kermit

    Ha.. just noticed the GK’s gut! Someones had a good holiday :o)

  19. Kermit

    Its Southampton Jim, but not as we know it! Stripes please?

  20. Andy Bell

    I used to enjoy scrolling down the page to see the latest Adidas kit release..
    every one just looks the same now, Fulham will be next with that terrible V thing…
    And also what on earth was Southhampton thinking about ditching the stripes ? did Adidas have a meeting to apologise that this current TEMPLATE didn’t have a stripe option and the board said AYE it will do all right never worry..
    I used to love seeing all the kits over the summer being released now when the first team launches one you can bet the whole summer will be same kit different colour…and your not alone Adidas…Nike is the same..

  21. Den

    Like the away kit, but the keeper kit should be a bright colour.

  22. Monkeysaurus

    Away kit not too bad, but the home is absolutely filthy. Cannot stand monochrome crests (looks cheap and traning shirt-esque)and the use of gold and white is utterly incoherent. This is all before the stripes question – the Saints should always be in stripes, by all means vary the width and design of the stripes, but a solid red shirt is just not Southampton FC. Newcastle would never be silly enough to change to all black or all white home kits, neither would Barca, Celtic, QPR, Sheffield Wednesday etc move away from the colours and basic design that reflects the club’s identity. Cortese needs a kick in the shins and a trip back to Italy to go and ask Juventus, AC Milan and Inter if they would ever abandon their stripes.

  23. Ak8

    Away kit is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Supersaint

    Cortese makes all the decisions at the club and so i’ve been told is a liverpool fan hence the change to red over the last few years. #saveourstripes – although i wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get our stripes back next season either! and could have been worse and ended up with a blue kit

  25. Chrissn

    I like the away kit, especially the goalie one 😉

  26. Pele

    Away kit is decent

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