Official: Spain 2014 World Cup adidas Home Kit

Officially launched by the RFEF at the Teatro Compac Gran Vía of Madrid, Spain have have unveiled their new 2014 home shirt for next year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

After several leaks which confirm the design the new Spain kit will be all red with gold detailing on the shirt, shorts and socks. The red home shirt has a gradient stripe watermark design with gold stripes and details and the traditional blue shorts have been scrapped for red shorts.

The gold applied to the home shirt relates to Spain’s current ‘Golden Era’ of football where they have won two European Championships and one World Cup in the space of five years making it the nation’s most successful period ever.


The goalkeeper kit is in two shades of blue and featured in the image is Iker Casillas, Pepe Reina and Victor Valdes. The likes of Sergio Ramos, Santi Cazorla, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Juan Mata, Iker Casillas and many more were at the shirt unveiling.


The defending World Cup champions will debut the shirt in the upcoming friendlies against two CAF sides Equatorial Guinea and South Africa this weekend.

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  1. The blue shorts used to give a regal air. Now they just look like Bayern Munich or *shudder* Liverpool.

  2. I don’t think it is one colour but a “light” and “dark” kit.
    There is no reason for the away kit to be all navy (dark), and then they can wear them shorts with the red.

  3. its an actual rule ! its about ‘light teams’ & ‘dark teams’. I remember watching Ireland v Spain at the 2002 World Cup and the commentator said the reason ireland was playing in white is because FIFA wants to make it easier to differentiate the teams for people watching on poor quality or black&white TV’s.

    and we might be on our computers moaning about stupid FIFA rules but 3.2 billion people watched the final in 2010 and over 1 billion of them watched it on poor quality or black&white TV’s…..

  4. @philip so the minority wins over the majority only in football and fifa especialy would this ever happen
    fifa isnt just ruining football kits there ruining football in general i mean a russian world cup were some group games are 2000 miles apart a qatar world cup in 55 degree tempretures
    Although I know that a movement by european south american nations to move away from fifa has begun it cant come quick enough for me fifas stupid rules has made the game sterile and not letting teams were the owm colors if they choose to do so is even more bull fay geneva

  5. bigg10man . i agrre with everything u said . personally i want countries to boycott the qatar WC

  6. @ #2 – so why is no-one doing that then?

    FIFA is killing football and all it’s traditions solely for profit. Friday nights are crap to travel cross country to watch your national team. Costs more money, time off work etc… And the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ kit thing is just preposterous. I’ve we lived in a post-apocalyptic world and only had black and white TV, I’d get it, but this is a nonsense.

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