Official: USA 2014 World Cup Nike Away Jersey

Having already launched their home kit for the 2014 World Cup, USA have now unveiled their away kit for 2014 and the tournament in Brazil in June this year.

Supplied by Nike and confirming our previous leak, USA’s new away kit is bold and deeply patriotic featuring a crew-neck collar and boasts three bands representing the colours of the American flag. The majority of the shirt is coloured red while the upper and torso region of the shirt is blue while a white chest band covers the middle of the shirt.


As with many other Nike World Cup kits there is a pennant tab featuring thirteen red and white stripes to represent the original thirteen colonies hat declared independence and formed the first states.

Global Creative Director for Nike Soccer, Martin Lotti said, “The USA has a profound and passionate pride in their nation. We wanted to create a design that reflects this in a daring and colorful fashion to give them an even more imposing appearance on the pitch.”


The back of the shirt features unique and specially designed names and numbers which is a modern design aimed at reflecting U.S. sports teams. Each number also features a miniature U.S. Soccer crest at the bottom. The kit is complemented with red shorts and red socks.


For the launch of the U.S. away soccer shirt Clint Dempsey and Sydney Leroux, a group of notable athletes and fans were photgraphed wearing the new 2014 World Cup away kit.

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  1. Blimey Nike must have moved into transgender realignment surgery as well as kit manufacture. I always thought Sydney Leroux was a member of US womens squad.

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