Oldham Athletic Away shirt 09/10

Oldham Athletic have revealed their new away kit which will be worn by the team for the 09/10 season. The kit is made by Carlotti.

The shirt is made mostly of Navy and Orange. The body is all navy and the sleeves are orange. The club badge is on the left of the shirt and the makers have their logo on the right of the shirt and on the sleeves in white. The  club sponsors have their name written across the middle of the shirt. The shirt will be worn with navy shorts and socks.

The kit will be available from the Club Shop from Monday July 13th. To read more on the shirt, click here. To see more pictures, click here.

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  1. actually sums, it is sponsored by carbrini, not made by them. carlotti still made the kit.

  2. They could have given her a shirt that fitted. look at the bulldog clips on the back of the shirt in the last picture!

  3. KLFC Oldham fans give a toss. You know the ones, real fans who support their home team regardless of how good or bad they do. I suppose you support Man U, Liverpool or one of the other ‘big 4’ sides you plastic because they win. Anyway back to the shirt in question, Oldham play in blue at home so I can’t see them getting away with this shirt really so they’ll probably bring out a third kit. Gorgeous girl by the way.

  4. The shirt probably fits when she’s stood up, but int he pose she’s in it would look well baggy without the clips. Nice shirt.

  5. Er… don’t Oldham wear blue for their home kit? Or am I just being old fashioned.

  6. made by cabrini that , hey well said jambo lad real fans nice shirt oldham and mega fit chick they breed them well in the north west see you august the 8th for the derby .come on county !!!!!!

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