Olympics 2012: Adidas Great Britain Team Kit

Olympics 2012: Adidas Great Britain Team Kit

Olympics 2012: Adidas Great Britain Team Kit

The British Olympic Association will be participating in the Olympics to be held in London with the Team GB in the summer of 2012. The team head coach is presently Stuart Pearce. He was allowed to select players from across the United Kingdom. However, the national FAs of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland oppose the selection of their players for the team, fearing that their independence status may be compromised with one Great Britain team. The summer Olympics football tournament is for players under 23 years of age, but the team can have 3 players older than 22.

Team GB will play two friendlies ahead of the summer tournament, and will be playing their group stage matches on the 26th July, 29th July and 1st August. The kit to be used in the competition has been unveiled. Jack Rodwell and Fraizer Campbell can be seen modelling the shirt. The shirt is manufactured and supplied by Adidas. The shirt features an enlarged Great Britain flag with a blue tone. The collar and sleeve hems are red. The complementary shorts are navy blue, and so are the socks, with the latter having red bands.

Posted on March 22, 2012

Comments on “Olympics 2012: Adidas Great Britain Team Kit”

  1. Shuichi Konno

    Coolest ever!

  2. Shuichi Konno

    Coolest ever!

  3. James Vickers

    I'm deffently going to buy that?

  4. James Vickers

    I'm deffently going to buy that?

  5. Marco

    GB football teams played in england colours before. There’s never been much red in athletics kits either, so shut your traps you idiots.

  6. Sporran

    I reckon these look great

  7. Aip Lancharat Chuncharunee

    I'm absolutely sure that u can't put urself in there at all 😀

  8. Alan Chuncharunee

    mak mak

  9. Aip Lancharat Chuncharunee

    Still into it!?!

  10. Alan Chuncharunee

    Defenitely best kit ever.

  11. Augustus

    Stella’s Frog Chorus.

  12. PR

    @MattyPeo97 Umbro are owned by Nike now, ok they started off in the UK but being with Nike they are seen as American to people who don’t no, I’m not saying your wrong just modern day people don’t usually read up on the history of a brand these days, also wheres the RED??? Im pretty sure there’s red on the flag.

  13. Toonarmy

    Hiring a fashion designer (Stella McCartney) to design the shirt,they should’ve expected this.NEVER blend these 2 again please.

  14. Ken

    What’s the football team kit cos obviously this is the track cycling team kit.

  15. DUG!

    I think I saw an Aquaman comic book once where he was wearing the same costume.

    It didn’t last long for him either.

  16. West Sydney Will Rise

    wonderful kit design. fantastic

  17. Northernhorn

    Mel Gibson quotes just wont cut the mustard with me mambojambo, and I hardly call myself blinkered or insular, after all I for one am all for the GB team which is hardly insular considering the resentment towards it from everyone else.

  18. F

    I don’t think you know what you are talking about.
    Read this about the ‘welsh teams in the football league ‘ you mentioned:
    as for celtic joining the PL……..

  19. Greg

    In the tradition of A Streetcar Named Desire…


  20. Jarkko

    @ Northernhorn – nice insular opinions as ever. Try taking you english blinkers off you tool.

  21. Kopite4life

    Another rip off. Why not use the ‘supporters’ shirt?

  22. Mambojambo

    Northernhorn; one word; FREEDOM!!!!!
    you facking mug

  23. Eddie

    When are we going for a bike ride?

  24. Joshua Cook

    Horrid, needs more red!

  25. Bren333

    Think the top half might have worked. Overdone to have the design continue below.

    Doesn’t matter though. One off teams should have more adventurous kits.

  26. PhilUTD

    Not great, but it’s better than the s**t Umbro keep churning out for England . . .

  27. NIZZY

    absolutely love it! different than anything out there..will buy and wear it with pride

  28. Lister

    Needs a 2nd change strip also must it? Where is it?

  29. Geha714

    “So, what was the point in the ‘supporters shirt’ if it doesn’t resemble the players kit one bit?” Making more money, I suppose.

    It’s one of kind. Linda like it. Completely different to every other shirt today.

  30. Olek Herbaut


  31. Journeyman79

    So, what was the point in the ‘supporters shirt’ if it doesn’t resemble the players kit one bit?

  32. Gibby

    @MattyPeo97 you’re not allowed the Adidas stripes In Olympics

  33. MattyPeo97

    I do think our independant football history is already nearing an end. We have welsh teams in the football league and rumours of celtic joining are as strong as ever. However this does not mean I agree with a UK side. The actual kit looks more like a nike one, judging by the fit and lack of stripes. I would like to see an umbro kit as its british (if we have to have one).

  34. Northernhorn

    1. Thats awful
    2. Who cares what the inhabitants of a principality and a conquered nation think about the whole idea of a one off GB team.
    3. The Union flag has red in it, not light blue.
    4. Its really very awful.

  35. Brn442

    Looks like a cycling or swimming suite. I was going to say bizarre but I believe it’s in sync with the rest of the Adidas Team GB Olympic line.

  36. Chuckles

    Pure and simple.

  37. Icdonuts

    Hope they get royally pumped!

  38. Milesey Boy

    What was she thinking

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