PLSC 2011/12: Premier League 2011/12 Best Home Shirt Award Goes To…

PLSC 2011/12: Premier League 2011/12 Best Home Shirt Award Goes To…

PLSC 2011/12: Premier League 2011/12 Best Home Shirt Award Goes To…

The 1st November has arrived, which means that the voting for the Best Home Shirt in the Premier League, as part of our Premier League Shirts Cup 2011/12, is now closed. We are pleased to announced that we have a winner…

Norwich City‘s yellow Errea home shirt has won the title of the Best Home Shirt in the 2011/12 Barclays Premier League. In total we received 1321 votes in the Final vote. The other choices were Manchester City, Manchester United and Newcastle United, which alongside Norwich, went through a semi-final phase including all 20 Premier League clubs.

Out of the 1321 votes, Norwich City’s home shirt garnered 75.5% of the votes. It was evident from the early stages that the Canaries were favourites for this title, as they built a strong vote advantage over the other contenders.

We congratulate all fans of the Canaries shirt, and thank everyone for your support in voting for your preference.

The vote for the Best Away Shirt will be opening in the coming days, based on the same concept as the Best Home Shirt award.

Posted on November 01, 2011

Comments on “PLSC 2011/12: Premier League 2011/12 Best Home Shirt award goes to…”

  1. Adam Hynd

    hi paul gallager i have a fully signed 2007 norwich away shirt for sale if your intrested contact me on my e-mail or phone [email protected] 07855684983

  2. AdiToff

    Norwich shirt is good apart from the white bit on the collar which is totally unnecessary – just like those people who took Matthew seriously!

  3. Kingzeb

    Makes me proud to be a yellow.

  4. George Lazenby 007

    i really hope matthew is being sarcastic-if not he’s a waste of oxygen and internal organs imo.

  5. NotoriousNumero7

    Matthew was obviously being sarcastic. As a United supporter since I was 6 (sorry everyone, we only got United matches and Cantona was sublime and caught my eye), there are many many that are just like that. Glad that most of them will be switching allegiance to City as they continue to grow in popularity and many had already switched to Chelsea the last few years. Anyway, Norwich has a great kit, reminds me of the Burnley one a few years back. Everton’s is really nice I thought, plus their sponsor has kind of become a part of the kit now a la Carling or Sharp, having been there so long.

  6. Alex Holden

    Matthew at the top you are what is wrong with the world, something no-one else picked up is that ronaldo doesn’t play for united anymore and hasn’t for a couple of years and if you didn’t hear about this you obviously don’t follow football. Yes I am a Norwich fan but I can’t think of another premier league home kit that I thought wow that’s lush, so I definitely think the correct kit won 🙂

  7. Kurt Cobain

    Rightful winners. Bestkit in the league by a mile.

  8. P. Badiola

    I agree with Bertie. I’m a Norwich fan and I find our away shirt good, but that’s it good. Everton on the other hand have an excellent stylish away shirt.

  9. JORGE

    No way seriously???? well there is no doubt about it, Norwich fans were the only ones that voted, for me Manchester City were the best

  10. Rob

    I wouldn’t worry to much Matthew… the “Glazers Out” mob will probably adopt the shirt to go along with their “Norwich Colours” scarves…

    “We are Norwich City & we’ve come to get our scarves back”, LOL!


  11. Matty

    1st thing: hahaaaa at matthew up there! I dont see how people can just change teams like that. Real football fan you are! :L

    2nd thing: People don’t seem to realise that this is an opinion poll of the nicest kit. I’ve been a Norwich fan all my life but i don’t really like the kit this season but it doesn’t change the fact that most people think that we have the nicest kit.
    “I don’t even know where Norwich is so why should they win?” If you don’t know where Norwich is go to a geography class, anyway its nothing to do with location, its about the nicest kit!

  12. Paul E

    Norwich home certainly the best,however by contrast Norwich away shirt is the worst!!

  13. Summy

    When and if Everton become a big club like Norwich, they might well
    indeed win something themselves !!

  14. Shakkatum

    Norwich City? Is this a joke? Everton should win the home AND away.

  15. Paul Gallagher

    the canaries shirt is and always will be class any norwich fan reading this with a spare canaries shirt fro any season [xl] contact me and maybe we can do a deal

  16. Bertie

    Everton should win the away shirt competition. Can’t imagine QPR doing very well in that though…

  17. TangoFox

    @ Matthew. Please shoo and go support city. United dont need people like you.

  18. Rangers FC

    hahaha Matthew very good,the amount of people that are really like that is unbelievable. I’ve even heard of quite a few people switching from Man United to City because they think they’ll be the next big thing!! sheer madness.

  19. NCFC1

    Aaahahahaha Matthew have you even heard I swear glory supporters do my head in- anyway even though I am a norwich fan I still think its the most stylish

  20. Milesey Boy

    Clap… Clap… Clap…
    Well done Matthew, Please let this post be ironic (There are people like that)
    Norwich best kit , not too sure, plenty of good ones.
    QPR Home I can’t take serious, Swansea has a style about it.
    Everton and Wigan are similar. Liverpool the only from last season.
    Chelsea very stylish. Tottenham has a retro appeal as do Arsenal.

  21. Matthew

    Man U should have won. Their kit is the best and they are the greatest, Ronaldo is the top player. I used to support Liverpool but now am a United fan, although I may change to Man City. But Man U’s kit is best, and I don’t even know where Norwich is so why should they win?

  22. Neave93

    ….Wow, really? I really thought United would win due to what seems like 50% of the population supports them, but, even though I don’t think this is the best kit, as long as this one trophy stays away from Manchester, I’m happy.

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