PLSC FINAL: Manchester City vs Blackburn

Our Premier League Shirts Cup has finally reached its climax seeing Manchester City and Blackburn battle each other in the final. In their last stages of the competition, Blackburn eliminated  Tottenham in the quarter finals and Burnley in the Semi-Finals whilst Manchester City edged out Hull City and West Ham in the quarter-finals and semi-finals respectively. Voting requires no sign-up and thus you are invited to submit your vote for which club you think has the best shirts this season, either Blackburn or Manchester City. Voting will run until 18 April 2010.

For the Complete Semi-Final Results click here

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  1. How original of you Mark did it take you a while to come up with that little snipey remark son.

  2. Well said, Stevie.

    Odds are that he’s either a Red Rag (let out on day release) or an Everton fan…no one else would be that bitter and twisted!

  3. can some explain how blackburn got this far with their genius concept of “lets make an away shirt that clashes with our own home shirt”?!?!?!?

  4. Agree with that last comment. I’d also point out the lazy way that they’ve just stuck the sponsor’s logo on the home shirt

  5. only thing city is goin to win 4 a couple of years [3]

    “I’d also point out the lazy way that they’ve just stuck the sponsor’s logo on the home shirt”

    haha… obviously the shirt is split in two. white lettering wouldnt work neither would black and red would be putting too much of it into the kit.

  6. Vinjay, check your history, spamhead!

    Both red and black equally worked well with previous logos (ICI Perspex, Lonsdale and McEwan’s). They also did a decent job integrating the Bet 24 logo onto the kit recently.

  7. Think chelsea should b in the final plus win it 4 there home kit alone,nicest shirt ive seen in a long time.

  8. Guido, i think youll find the only blackburn kit with black writing on it was the 91/92 when the kit was a light shade of blue. the red does not work. and alot of supporters did not like the bet 24 logo it wasnt decent at all.

  9. ^ nice to see man u’s chants these days are top notch.
    makes a change from “chelsea, what the score?”

    man city’s kits are by far the best in the premier league this season, their 3rd kit especially. deserved winners of this, even if it is the only thing they’ll win this year.

  10. This is a massively big-time chance to pick up some silverware here. Now the floodlights are gone and we’re at Eastlands we’ve got to take what we can get!

  11. Sad sad rags voting for Blackburn because it’s against City should you all not be concentrating on getting your Norwich scarves ready for Sunday so you can teach those Glazers a lesson i’ve never known such a pathetic bunch you honestly think the glazers give a toss what you bunch of low lifes wear or think, they will never sell for less than a billion and noone with any brain for business will ever buy a football club for that amount of money. Red nights ha ha ha more like red mist.

  12. Stevie

    Glad to see that you are talking sense, son. Utd fans are so petty that they would block vote us on something so trivial. Imagine how they’ll react when we topple their house of cards next season

    P.S. Pablos, you’re still a dick

  13. Hey Stockport massive you must be the most funny person in your …………..head……. why dont you get a life you sorry little boy.

  14. The majority of those voting for Blackburn are probably the idiotics rags on Red Issue, they do a lot of stuff like this. Obsessed pricks.

  15. City kits are world class can’t believe they are being changed at the end of this season.
    Ignore the rags, most of them don’t know were old trafford is.

  16. I hear that the Glazer’s are introducing the green and gold strip next season – what a great idea. What will the anti-glazer faction wear then !

  17. I agree..City shouldn’t be changing what are arguably their best kits ever.

    Pablo5…jog on and let the real fans comment. P.S. tough luck about Rooney!!!!

  18. have any of the city fans on here seen their team win anything ? what an absolute joke of a club ahah ask anyone worldwide about football in manchester and they say “united” no one even knows who city are that is how insignificant you are

  19. So if you’re from Hazel Grove, why are you not supporting your local club, Stockport County, and allowing them to go to the wall, glory-hunting rag? And if we’re that insignificant, why do you feel obliged to comment on our kit? On the plus side, thanks for Tevez. He’s gonna stuff up your title bid in a couple of weeks.

  20. Whoever is claiming to be Vinjay in the comments above is not the real Vinjay. I am.

  21. @ Hazel Grove. Don’t know much of your own history then do ya? Having gone 41 years without winning a trophy at one point. As well calling Citeh insignificant? Then why the hell do you bother coming on here and posting it? Insignificance means that you don’t have the time of day for them but obviously you certainly do for Citeh, not so insignificant are we.

  22. Guido

    you reallt think yhe sheikh will give you all that money. id love to see your face when he leaves you fools

  23. Nope…but they’ve just signed a £1bn deal to develop Eastlands and the surrounding land?? Get real, if you had invested that amount of money would you walk away??

  24. Lots of us on here i am sure have seen Citeh win things including the League, FA Cup and League Cup and European Cup Winners Cup and seen us put United down. You had 41 years in the wilderness we have had 34 i don’t think we will be catching you up on that record !! That’s the difference though we are not glory hunters otherwise would have been with you lot with no knowledge or most embarrassingly no ability to look it up on the internet – education today !!

  25. Well said Martin. We showed the rags how to win at Turf Moor but they didn’t follow our Chelsea example. Personally, I don’t care if we win this kit’s been great flushing all the rags out and showing them for the sad berks they really are. Tevez to hammer the final nails in their coffin in a fortnight. LOL.

  26. Come on lads lets show them Rags.Win this one and I reckon we might sell out (might have to do a “buy a shirt get 5 free tickets offer”,just to make sure!)……my ‘tache is tingling at the thought of it !!

  27. Have you noticed what the first letters of the words Green And Yellow, which is the new united protest colours are?

    Your nickname aint the Rags anymore kids its the G.A.Y’s.

  28. Neither of the Vinjays above are the real one. I am. Mind you, is it too much to think that there may be more than one Vinjay?

  29. Oh and while I’m at it, bollocks to everyone at BRFCS and RoversMad. Silly puffs. UTC

  30. Whilst the RAGS are busy voting for Blackburn, their team is losing to Chelsea and their club is on the skids; and going bust. Meanwhile City are 6-0 up at Burnley after 56 minutes, a club who beat RAGs in the same fixture. Cheer up chumps, you’re still the best supported team in South Korea, Torquay and Surbiton and have all the biggest celeb fans…Mick Hucknall, Angus Deayton and Gary Rhodes. LMAO.

  31. The fact city put a star above their crest as if they’ve won 10 titles means they have no chance.

    Liars… GO BLACKBURN…

  32. Paul the stars are a design feature put there when we changed the crest to add a more continental feel to the badge, it has nothing to do with trophys kid how about we learn some facts before spouting.

    Oh and the muppet that has decided to call himself helen & bell you should be ashamed of your self son that lady died in 2005 and she still has family how do you know they dont look at this site, she did a lot for charity and deserves some respect. All joking aside take the piss out of City we can take it but have some respect for the dead, you lot don’t like it when some of our brain dead fans go on about Munich, you can’t have it both ways.

  33. Teams put a star on their shirt to signify having won 10 titles, city have them on there to make the team seem more prestigious than they are. Everyone knows this, city are full of ‘it.

  34. Paul – your club motto translates as “by skill and labour” …anyone watching your team in the last few years could have you for breaching the trades description act!

  35. The RAGs are having a go at the number of stars on the City badge when they have Manchester in their club name but are not even from the same city. You get petty, we can get petty. C’est la vie! Anyway, I thought each of the 3 stars represented support for each Glazer brother in charge. Are you city in disguise?? LMFAO.

  36. lol City is actually losing this vote?! HAHAHA all the bitter rags voting for blackburn.

  37. Vinjay, I’ve missed laughing at you. Why be so bitter towards two WEBSITES? Do you have this new-fangled thing called a life or what? I’ve been banned from there, but I ain’t bitter. It’s a good read! If you didn’t go on and on and on about ManUtd or Lancs Utd or whatever else then you’d probably retain a little more respect. The fact you’re annoyed at Rovers-mad (especially) highlights something wrong in that head of yours 😉

  38. So an Evertonian is putting the boot in…that’ll be another Lescott whinger then. Obviously totoally unbiased on the whole subject of City’s kit 😉

  39. The famous blue and white halves winning again. How do people find city’s shirt good looking, there’s nowt on it, boring or what. 🙂

  40. 22-24m for a donkey, yeah, i’m so miffed haha.

    The bottom line is, city put stars on their shirt to look better than they are, it’s called false advertising, and it’s to get more euro fans.

    I actually wish city good luck, it makes a good change for the prem to have a new team in the top 4.

  41. Here you go Paul read this it’s from an official City source….
    The current club crest was adopted in 1997, a result of the previous crest being ineligible for registration as a trademark. The badge is based on the arms of the city of Manchester, and consists of a shield in front of a golden eagle. The shield features a ship on its upper half representing the Manchester Ship Canal, and three diagonal stripes in the lower half, for the city’s three rivers. The bottom of the badge bears the motto Superbia in Proelio, which translates as Pride in Battle in Latin. Above the eagle and shield are three stars, which are purely decorative.
    As I said before do a little research on somthing before you shoot your mouth off and make your self look like a fool. Oh and Lescott has been brilliant since November untill he was recently injured, so again get your Facts sorted muppet.

  42. Come on you know its all about the Rovers kit! Its about the only original kit out there.

  43. Purely decorative hahaha, look at the stars on Bayerns shirt tonight, 100% earned.

  44. The stars point is really petty…presumably you’ll be wanting Red Star Belgrade to remove the star from their badge and the US govt. to remove the 50 on their national flag too??

  45. Mellison,

    Not denying I am a little bitter about being unfairly banned from Rovers Mad and BRFCS.

    However do not assume that the person posting under my name on here is actually me.

    Somebody has been using my name on here in recent weeks.

    “Whoever is claiming to be Vinjay in the comments above is not the real Vinjay. I am.”

    The quotation above is the only one posted by me on this page. I post on 606, Daily Rover and Roversweb and the LET comments section plus a couple of blogs I comment on.

  46. Guido said,
    The stars point is really petty…presumably you’ll be wanting Red Star Belgrade to remove the star from their badge and the US govt. to remove the 50 on their national flag too??

    Red STAR belgrade :facepalm:
    The stars on th US flag signify the states. :doublefacepalm:

    Do city have ‘star’ in their name?, do they have three states?, do they have thirty titles?, no need to answer the last one.
    At least come up with a decent comparison.

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, those stars are for achievments, city are full of it.

  47. The stars are there for decoration only tell me anywhere it says otherwise or stop spouting you are making yourself look like a tool.
    Now you say that Guido’s comparisons are not good enough well i’ll try.
    Well by your definition a team should only wear stars on their shirts if they have won 10 titles, well:
    Should England remove the star from their shirt, should Brazil remove the five from theirs, should Germany remove the 3 from theirs? The world cup is the ultimate title and the amount of stars these teams have is relevent to 1 world cup.
    Or Manchester United have displyed a crest showing 3 stars above it (not on a shirt but still in the public domain)
    Now they have only won 18 league titles (for the first devision/premier league) and the 3 stars were above this badge for the amount of european cups they have won which to date is 3. Or even in 1999 United had a european shirt that year that had 2 stars above the crest. In fact to completely smash your theory the idea that a star on a football crest dictates 10 titles won is only officially recognised in Italy, sweeden or Holland. In Turky it is 1 star per 5 titles, in the USA it is 1 star per title. Again I will say research a point before you shoot your mouth off or you end up looking like a fool.

  48. The Rovers kits are by far best.
    The new Rovers kit that is Red shirt and Black shorts is lush though!

  49. In england the idea of having a star on the crest is normally for 1 important cup (does’nt have to be a league title) Forest have worn 2 stars on their kits to signify the european cups they have won, Aston Villa have worn 1 star on their shirts for the 1 League title they won, so even if you do not want to believe the stars on the City crest are purley decorative (which they are) they would not be “full of it” as you say because City have won enough major trophys to be able to have the stars there. (first devision trophy x2, FA cup x4, League cup x2 or European cup winners cup x1) again i don’t want to keep bashing you over the head with it put please paul do a little research befor you start going on and make yourself look a fool.

  50. Well said, Stevie.
    Last word one subject but firstly, I’m pretty sure that City’s stars were put on their badge years before teams like Celtic started putting them on their kit. Secondly I don’t think City can kid anyone that they’ve been winning much silverware recently so to try and associate the two is pointless. My analogies with Red Star Belgrade etc. were merely to indicate how pointless the debate is.

  51. I’m a City fan however I’m embarrassed by the arrogance of my blue brothers thinking the only reason Blackburn could win this is by rags voting for them. Blackburns kit is actually nicer!

  52. …actually, I’ve just remembered we’ve sold more shirts than anyone else in Torquay and we’re still the best supported team in Outer Mongolia. And I’m very happy again! Thank od for our 85 year old manager and 65 year old Welsh winger.

  53. In 34 years as a proud Rovers fan I can’t remember having to try to put down (unsuccessfully) any bitter rivals 😀 Thank God we’re not owned by foreigners or have rivals so much better than us that our sole existance is ruled by bitterness as this thread has proved 😀

    We might not have the money, but we have a Prem title and pride City 😉

  54. Agreed Duncan, although I suspect it’s one Utd fan that writing under several aliases. Hopefully, they’ve shoved him back in the padded cell to contemplate that after today’s result, they’ve thrown away the league and Carlos will finish them off next week. Next season, we’ll have overtaken them as they’re managed to assemble the worst side in 20 years. Without metal mickey up front, they’re nothing.

  55. Can’t we just ignore the reds. All this thread and people like Guido do is show us to care more about Utd than our beloved City. Let them say what they like but be the bigger man and ignore them, I have for 34 years and feel much better for it! I’m City till I die and not obsessed with Utd like so many other blues!

  56. Blackburn still lead while the mancs fight!!!!! Guido, I don’t like Utd or City but you’re making a right chump of yourself pal.

  57. I think the influx of rag fans that have voted and commented on this reveals who the bitter fans really are.

  58. Can someone please get this debate back on track? It’s meant to be a vote on the quality of 2 different football shirts at the end of the day (regardless of which team wears them!); and it’s not life or death whoever wins it but just more interesting than two sets of rival fans spouting off..

  59. The vote is open to everybody. We would prefer not to receive biased votes since we are trying to find out the best kit of the season, but that is obviously impossible. Please try to keep your comments on the quality of the kits and not on personal insults and any other comments not relating to the subject. Thanks

  60. There’s a thread linking this on a Newcastle furum, had to pop on to see what these City fans were saying as I didn’t believe it. Talk about arrogance 😀

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