Portsmouth 2013/14 Sondico Third Kit

Portsmouth 2013/14 Sondico Third Kit

Portsmouth 2013/14 Sondico Third Kit

Portsmouth FC currently play in League Two, the fourth level of the English league system, having been relegated from the 2012/13 League One subsequent to a rock-bottom 24th place finish. The team is owned by the Pompey Supporters Trust, having been taken over by the fans after severe financial difficulties.

portsmouth third

portsmouth third stadium

The club has launched a new third kit for the 2013/14 season. The kits of the club are manufactured by Sondico and sponsored by Jobsite. As can be seen in the picture above, the kit was launched with a giant shirt flag at Fratton Park, the club’s home stadium. The shirt has a maroon base colour with a salmon pink stripe on the body, as well as salmon pink sleeve hems, collar and bottom edge. The complementary shorts and socks are maroon.

Posted on August 29, 2013

Comments on “Portsmouth 2013/14 Sondico Third Kit”

  1. Timothy Tiger

    @19 – yes! It is way worserer.

  2. Paul Allen

    Are you a scummer in disguise??

  3. Paul Allen

    Patrick Trotter is surely a scummer.

  4. Davie

    Makes that horrible chocolate Coventry 80’s strip look nice.
    Absolutely hideous. Hasn’t the Portsmouth support suffered enough already?

  5. Patrick Trotter

    That's is at least as awful as the club that wears it.

  6. Toby

    @1 Worse than the beaver collar template from puma and the bat wing template from adidas?

  7. PCFC

    Sondico kits sucks assssss!

  8. Figaro

    It’s a good idea, what with the history and all, but the pink band is too low and too thick. The kits also look like they don’t fit properly. Shame really, as the other two Pompey kits were very good.

  9. Mr.robson

    looks like something i threw up this mornig

  10. Jase

    Simon Ferry – the face only a mother could love.. oh, hang on.. she thinks he’s a little gimp too!

  11. Steven

    Holy mother of pearl! The worst kit in the last 10 years easily.

  12. Bren333

    The kit’s bad enough, but what about that hairdon’t!

  13. Andy

    Quite possibly one of the worst kits of recent times!

  14. Sickmick

    do you think pompey football club chose simon ferry to wear the new third kit just to take everyone’s attention off how awful that kit is

  15. Bluebird

    That is absolutely stunning

  16. PCFC

    Simon Ferry doesn’t even look like a footballer.. whats with the stupid paed0 fringe and the kiddies watch?? Freak!

  17. RCY577

    Good God. Oh Sondico, what have you done?

  18. Matt

    I don’t mind the idea so much, its the execution that ruins the kit.
    The whole thing looks cheap and very rushed. I bet it looked decent on the page at design stage.
    As for Simon Ferry….Yikes!

  19. Cookie Monster

    I like it 🙂 Very nice!

  20. Adam

    I love the home and Sondico generally impress me (including with the price of their footballs!) The lower brands have really made a statement in the lower leagues and now with Sondico producing kits for a Championship team (Yeovil), perhaps it’s the start of something for them.

  21. Kermit

    Said it before and I’ll say it again.. Sondico kits are awful! Kappa we miss u!

  22. Steggz

    The crest and maker’s mark are the right height, but that band is a bit low, and is made worse by the swirls at the end.

  23. D King

    If I was a Portsmouth player I think I would throw a sickie for the trips to Bristol Rovers and Hartlepool, either than or get the club to employ the Millwall kit man for these games.

    This is bad, not quite as bad as Liverpool’s 3rd, but still something the players should refuse to wear.

    Awful shirt.

  24. Timothy Tiger

    That is the worst kit I have ever seen in my life. Looks like it was made in a hurray,the sponsor is far too low as is the ghastly pink band. The Crest and Manufacturer logo are also too low. Aggghhh its awful!

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