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Portugal 2014 World Cup Nike Home Shirt

Portugal 2014 World Cup Nike Home Shirt

Portugal 2014 World Cup Nike Home Shirt

Today we have a leak of what may be the Portugal 2014 World Cup home shirt by American brand Nike. The home shirt boasts thin gradient hoops in their trademark red colour and it also features a green collar and sleeves. The shirt looks to be complemented with the Dri-Fit technology which increases ventilation and breath-ability.


Portugal were handed a gift when Northern Ireland pulled off a stunning win against Russia this week which meant that the nation would stay top of Group F ahead of Russia. The Portuguese national side boasts several stars in their current roster including Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Joao Moutinho, Raul Meireles and Helder Postiga. Portugal next play Northern Ireland and will look to seal an automatic qualification spot from Group F for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, their next matches are against Northern Ireland, Israel and Luxembourg.

Posted on August 14, 2013

Comments on “Portugal 2014 World Cup Nike Home Shirt”

  1. André

    What that f***!!!

  2. Ahmet B. Ateş

    This is so ugeleyyyy.

  3. Changeme

    @11 – Doubt Slovenija will get this, we have had a succession of shirts unique to us bearing the Triglav mountains on the chest, this will hopefully continue.



  5. Jungle Bhoy

    This is a player issue top.The ones sold to the public don’t have the green rubber bits on the shoulders and don’t have the airholes down the sides.IMO it’s a nice top.

  6. Sainty

    Too chavvy for me.

  7. M

    I rather like it, though it’s impact will be lessened when South Korea, Australia, Slovenia, France, England, the US, the Netherlands and Brasil get the template.

    And “D King”, red and green are compliments. Revisit the color wheel.

  8. Dimitri Gharam

    hey. notice that these sweatholes at the sides is different. they are like big v and smaller v:s.

  9. Antonio Lemos

    just one word: RIDICOULUS!

  10. Rooney Is Sooooo Ugly

    decent effort , better than what i expected

  11. Rene Sousa

    que coisa horrosa é esta?

  12. Rene Sousa

    que coisa horrosa é esta?

  13. Jj Garcia

    Yup have to agree with that. Pre-match top.

  14. Mehdi Ameur

    it looks more like a pre-match top.

  15. D King

    Awful. Pink and green don’t go

  16. ShadowStripe

    Not bad but the shoulder reinforcements would be better in red to blend in with the rest of the shirt.

  17. Kermit

    Nice to see something a little bit different from Nike. What are those green shoulder bits all about?

  18. Miko

    The light red bits should have been darker. The collar and sleeve trim looks out of place against the light red.

  19. Toni SCP

    At this point I don’t even mind these Nike shannanigans with the shirt… just bring the damn thing with white or green shorts!

  20. Darinka Marin


  21. Kennedy R. Carvalho

    Not great

  22. Patryk Tomczak


  23. Frid

    Saracen’s rugby kit anyone?

  24. Changeme

    Kind of reminds me of a France rugby shirt I have. Think it’s a grower but at first sight I’m not so keen.

  25. Davidj

    Oh boy, thats really bad! The green shoulder gimmicky things. wtf?

  26. Fjk_12

    thats a stunning kit

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