Premier League Upcoming Pre-Orders In June

Premier League Upcoming Pre-Orders In June

Premier League Upcoming Pre-Orders In June

As we are in summer of 2009, the Premier League’s teams get a break from football, while the clubs try and sort out the best combination of players in the transfer market for the upcoming campaign. It is also a time when most of the clubs change their home, away, goalkeeper, and third kits. Fans of the respective clubs wait for the official unveiling of their new strip. Some fans have already made up their mind to buy the shirt even before it has been launched, while others do not afford it due to economic reasons but still enjoy their team playing in it. The attention is mostly on the big clubs, but newcomers to the top league in England for 2009/10 will also get a fair share of the attention. We do our very best to keep you up to date with the latest news about issues in the Barclays Premiership, as well as in other leagues.

We are pleased to deliver the news that we will have four Premiership teams putting their new shirts on pre-order later this month. The first team will be Chelsea, which have already issued their new home shirt. They will be putting their new away shirt on pre-order on the 25th June. We have leaked a white away shirt, and it remains to be seen if this leak is the actual thing. Another much-awaited shirt will be that of Manchester United. The Red Devils are yet to launch a new shirt for the 2009/10 season, and they will start by receiving pre-orders for their new home shirt on the 23rd June. A leak which appeared on our site back in May shows a red shirt with a black chevron. Portsmouth will also put their new home shirt on pre-order on the first day of July, and no leaks have yet appeared on our website. The last team to put their shirts available for pre-order will be Tottenham, which will start to receive orders on the 25th June. The home, away, third and goalkeeper shirts of Tottenham will all be available, and we have already seen them through this website.

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Posted on June 20, 2009

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  1. Bell

    You really hit the nail on the head with this post. There are darn few blogs other than sports, football, or cycling that I even bother to read.

  2. Jp

    chelsea for no.1!

  3. Mark_pne

    yeah fair do’s burnley- but i can still be bitter about it for a year till we swap places – north end champions 09/10!! (please don’t wake me up)

  4. Mark

    exactly where we expect wolves to be


    that’s a good start to the new season for arsenal 🙂

  6. Burnley Mark

    Can’t see Preston in that list anywhere Mark_pne??!!

  7. Liam J.C


  8. Mark_pne

    wow paul you don’t say…well i didn’t notice that…thank you so much for correcting me….(please note the fairly thhickly sliced sarcasm here…) the whole idea was that Burnley could only be that high by the table being placed in alphabetical order…but thank you once again for confirming that there are still people out there who are completely stupid…paul you have restored my faith in humanity….

  9. Paul

    its in alphelbetical order

  10. Jp

    hopefully the lowest chelsea will be. 1st this yr u blues!!!

  11. Betfair

    Hopefully the highest sunderland will be too

  12. Mark_pne

    ha i think thats the highest burnley will be on a premier league table all season!

  13. ASH


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