Premiership Team’s Football Shirts Reviewed

Premiership Team’s Football Shirts Reviewed

Premiership Team’s Football Shirts Reviewed

Arsenal :I liked their last year’s better but, we all knew they are gonna change it back. Their kit looks pretty idiotic. Like you’d wear T-shirt under sleeveless sweater. And they have new sponsor: Fly Emirates (maybe they want to become second Chelski) or maybe they are just out of oxygen.

Aston Villa: Their kit looks like they’d buy it on (90% off) sale. It looks like something you couldn’t sell and than you’d have to clean your shelves and give maximum discount for it.

Blackburn Rovers: they try to replace lack of skills with wheel of fortune on their kit. “Wanna play? If no. 24 appears we win.” It’s worth trying.

Bolton Wanderers: after wandering around a bit they finally come to some sense and get themselves plain kits with no confusing stripes on them. Maybe they were maps? I like design of away kit much better than home, but Reebok transformation to RBK (in arab?) is kindda lame. When playing in home kits players always try to dive so that they fall on right side so they don’t get dirty.

Charlton Athletic: their kit begs in agony: “Could someone PLEA$$$$E change me and make something interesting out of me?”

Chelsea: I didn’t know buying Ballack also meant changing kit sponsor to German one. Maybe they want to make him feel at home (I hope so, considering he sucked at WC) Adidas and stripes. I hate stripes. I hate Germany. I hate Chelsea. Perfect!

Everton I guess they are not worth the effort Umbro puts in national team kits. Come on! Kits are boring. I’ve already forgotten how they look and it wasn’t a minute ago that I looked the photo..

Fulham :I was surprised to see Fulham kit went out of stock on kitbag. It isn’t even ugly enough to wash your car with it. It’s common T-shirt with a stupid sign on it. (Pipex.)

Liverpool : If Chelsea did it so will we! We want Adidas! We want to be champions. (nothing else seems to help). Away kits are disturbing. I don’t understand Adidas. I really like their stuff, but their football kits are ugly. And why don’t they make different ones. It’s the sam model for everyone. They (should) could be more creative.

Manchester City: How do they manage to find so many players named Thomas Cook? Ok, it’s their sponsor I get it. Maybe they could invest some money in developing kits:)

Manchester United: And thank you for women’s Manchester United Home Shirt! Finally I don’t have to wear those huge sheet-sized man kits. Or children ones who don’t fit in breast area! I really like what they’ve done to the shirt with the coat of arms and simple lines. I also like v cut without stupid collar (like with adidas shirts).

Middlesbrough: We wanted to put 666 on our kit to scare our opponents, but than we got sponsor ( and we just decided to make ugly kits (to scare them).

Newcastle United: I am sorry that pretty thing like Michael Owen has to wear crap like that. Stripes all over the jersey? I don’t think so! And away kit isn’t any better. What are they trying to do, camouflage their sponsor or advertise it? Horrible.

Portsmouth: I just died of boredom! Their kit is as exciting as peeling an orange.

Reading: We are different. Our stripes go horizontally! No more stripes, please!

Sheffield United: And here we go again. Our stripes are red and white. We are so original! Well at least we can see their sponsor clearly I give them that. Ajax, Olympiakos,.. ehhh…

Tottenham Hotspur Is it just me or does it really look like PUMA is running away from the chicken on their coat of arms (or whatever that bird is)? That puma looks really scared! apart from that kit is quite nice. I like puma kits, altough they are all the same (with exeption of italian national team – they have most ugly ones – gold numbers.. ).

West Ham United: They just couldn’t decide on color of the kit so they gave it a little blue on sleeves and washed out red coloring on the front and back.

Wigan Athletic: The top of the kit gives you impression that they have just ordinary blue kits. But there is catch.. when you check further down there is surprise waiting for you. Stripeeeees! Oh, goodie!

Review by: LadyTarja

Posted on April 24, 2007

Comments on “Premiership team’s football shirts reviewed”

  1. Manchestercity90

    man city shup man

  2. Shezo

    ARSENAL TIL I DIE!! Fuck the man utd womens shirt lol. you may have won the league but we have proved time & time again we can beat any1 bring on next season, we’l win the league with our kids, afterall they did amazing in carling cup & deserved 2 win. tevez to come to arsenal we already have cover 4 henry in the shape of robin van persie the next gooner legend!!! cum on lads lets do it this year and make wenger stay

  3. Daniel

    arsenals new 3rd kit might be like the home kit but also wid da colours of inter milan daaaaannnn!!!

  4. Phil Appa

    well to be honest the newcastle united strip is the best they’ve had in a long time the woman wo wrote this just dosnt have a clue sorry but se dosnt

  5. LadyTarja

    It was supposed to be like that:) Provocative:) I don’t really mean all the kits are ugly. And If u notice I comented on sposnors to, which really isn’t designers fault:P But I meant some of stuff. And I think kits are more of a womans job than mans – fashion:P
    And don’t start with that – woman doesn’t have idea about football shit. That’s lame.

  6. Bassboy79


  7. Alan

    never get a woman to do a mans job… football kits or football in general just isnt there area, sorry!

    tho i liked the chelsea comment football kits have very little to do with how they look, its what they stand for, for each supporter of there relative team there kit will always be tops… i get the impression by the only un-negative comment that it was a man u fan that wrote this which speaks for itself

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