PSG Shirts Copied By Kuwait SC?

PSG Shirts Copied By Kuwait SC?

PSG Shirts Copied By Kuwait SC?

Kuwait Sports Club have presented their new kits for the 2013/14, which are (coincidentally?) similar to the 2013/14 Paris Saint-Germain kits.

Kuwait SC are the current Kuwaiti Premier League Champions and have also won the AFC Cup twice, the last time being in 2012.

kuwait sc kitsLotto is the official kit supplier for the Kuwaiti football club however the new shirts do not seem to feature the Italian brand’s logo on them.  PSG have Nike as their official kit supplier.

PSG have only officially launched their new home shirt for next season, although the leaked pictures of the away shirt match the away shirt of Kuwait SC.


We have been accustomed to seeing different clubs having the same shirt design, granted they have the same technical sponsor, however, in this case, one wonders who copied who with Lotto and Nike producing the same design for the Kuwaiti and French Champions respectively.


Posted on July 22, 2013

Comments on “PSG Shirts Copied by Kuwait SC?”

  1. PSG_98

    I don’t like PSG’s kit but Kuwait’s is actually quite nice

  2. MattCityBlue

    Even the sponsor font looks cruddy. Quite funny actually…I wonder if PSG will even be bothered but it all?

  3. NCW #1

    Copy? Where? #sarcasm

    A couple years back, Al-Rayyan (Qatar) used the exact same striped design that AC Milan used for the 2010 season. Both teams were sponsored by Adidas that season, although I would not rule out the possibility of a knock-off.

    Al-Rayyan also wore Adidas teamwear on that same season.

  4. Schleppy

    i don’t think that lotto produced those kuwaiti kits

  5. United!!!

    it couldn’t get anymore blatant than that…

  6. Hurricane

    No surprise there, I live in Kuwait and copyright doesnt seem to exist there. I doubt its even made by Lotto, laws easily got around over there if you have influence and money

  7. D King

    Maybe, the Kuwaiti champions’ kit is no long made by Lotto.

    I would suggest that Nike now have the contract but have not added their logo as either the deal has not been announced, or they want to avoid anti-American feelings.

    Free publicity for the Nike, or am I too synical.

  8. Changeme

    Surely Nike copyright the design…. Must have a case against them there!

  9. Luke A. Yates

    Wow. Look at that! Unreal stuff.

    Via Football Shirts UK.

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