Puma To Make Arsenal Shirts! £170m Kit Deal

Puma To Make Arsenal Shirts! £170m Kit Deal

Puma To Make Arsenal Shirts! £170m Kit Deal

One of the biggest kit deals in English football history Arsenal have agreed a £170m kit deal with German brand Puma. The deal is worth more than Liverpool’s Warrior Sports kit deal which would see Arsenal getting £30m a year. This deal will give The Gunners additional funds as they are also still in contract with the £150m sponsorship deal with Emirates. This deal also dwarfs Nike’s deal of just £55m over seven years.


Arsene Wenger has already been promised £70m to spend in the next transfer window as he will look to bring in talent from all around Europe with Fiorentina’s Stevan Jovetic topping the target list. Nike will have to focus their attention to Manchester United, England and Barcelona where the American brand are due to renegotiate The Red Devils £287m deal. It was reported that adidas and Warrior Sports were keen to become Arsenal’s kit supplier but they failed to make a bid.

Puma currently supply kits for several African football teams including Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ghana and clubs around Europe including Newcastle United, Bordeaux, Palermo, Espanyol, Sporting CP and many more but they have yet to fully penetrate a big name team and now they have with Arsenal. This might be just what Arsenal needs to return to dominate the Premier League as they did a decade ago.

Posted on May 08, 2013

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  1. EPL 2013

    I think oposite… Arsenal are overperforming for squad they have. Cazorla, Wilshere,… few bright points. They should spend all money from Puma investment.

  2. Johnie Lim

    Was totally expecting adidas and anticipating the gooners back in some classic designs. But with puma, it might be just what arsenal needs. A fresh beginning with a new supplier.

  3. Ebbe

    FAO Roger: newspaper clipping from last year:

    OLDCO Rangers formally went into liquidation yesterday.
    The Court of Session saw the curtain brought down on 140 years of history.
    In court, Lord Hodge approved a winding up order which moved the club out of administration and into the hands of liquidators.
    It was the final act in a saga which began in February, when the club stunned supporters by going into administration.
    The move came after the HM Revenue and Customs lodged a petition over the non-payment of tax to the tune of millions of pounds.
    After five hours of intricate legal argument in the court in Edinburgh, Lord Hodge said: “It does seem to me that the administrators have made out a case for bringing the administration to an end and proceeding to the winding up of RFC 2012 plc.”

  4. Aditoff

    Roger, Rangers were liquidated no matter how much you deny it.

  5. Vern Fonk

    Yeah rangers doesn’t count.

  6. Arsenal Fan

    This disappoints me. Nike were hit and miss – they gave us some fantastic kits (2009-10 stands out) as well as some truly awful ones (this years mess for example.)

    Puma kits tend to be boring and very, very samey. Only time will tell if being a “big” club means we’ll get something a bit unique, but Borussia Dortmund are a big team in Germany and that doesn’t stop them from getting boring templates. Spurs only ever got templates from Puma. Heck, even the Italian national team get generic kits. I’m not holding out much hope.

    Of course it makes sense to go with whichever manufacturer are willing to pay the most money, I just wish that virtually any other manufacturer had made a better offer.

  7. Jorge

    Makes sense. Puma provide all the African teams with kits and most of Arsenal’s fans are African. Money spinner!

  8. Changeme

    Arsenal are a big team, but surely must be classed as underachieving…celebrating a third placed finish is not the hallmark of a champion team. No trophy wins in 7 years is poor for a club supposedly one of the Uk’s biggest.

    I would say Dortmund are a bigger catch for Puma than Arsenal, however the potential is big for them here.

  9. Roger

    @Ebbe, Rangers weren’t liquidated.

  10. Noj Maanoj

    hmm, gud news..

  11. Brn442

    M – with that amount, they may have to release 6 shirts a season. I’m cautiously optimistic with the home shirt.

    I just have a funny feeling that the change strips will be re-hashed, boiler-plate templates, with that over-used puma mini swash on the shoulder.

  12. M

    I totally agree Jambo.

    As an Arsenal fan I just hope that they don’t get greedy now and release three new kits every season. It’s just too much.

  13. Matheus Bottura Raulli

    I wished it was Adidas.

  14. Roy Chan

    Puma is better than nike at all. Poor Nike, just go away!

  15. Jambo

    At least they didn’t get Warrior, they’re atrocious

  16. Berbatov9

    Is this for next season? Or from 2014/15?

  17. Mathew Forster

    Dont Puma make Dortmund shirts – a far bigger team and better than trophyless Arsenal!!!

  18. Ged

    everton had some great puma shirts a few years ago. love pumas other products like their footy leisure wear and t shirts. good luck puma

  19. DeanoB

    Nice for Puma!!!

    Rudolf Dassler might be starting to get the better of his brother Adi over the next few years =D

  20. Korts

    Well, I really would’ve prefered Arsenal to be snatched up by a brand outside of the big three, but I suppose Puma is better than adidas.

  21. Bosnich13

    this could be something wonderful if puma dont get all lazy and throw an overused template at it.

  22. AVFCSteve

    Puma are “yet to fully penetrate a big name team”??? So last seasons bundesliga winners, past champions league winners and current champions league finalists Borussia Dortmund aren’t a big name then?

  23. Ebbe

    Hmm….rangers were umbro, admiral, adidas, Nike, diadora etc but then they were liquidated. Aberdeen have have also been umbro, puma,Nike, adidas.

  24. Jeppy Sim

    Whoa what a surprise, I thought they're going back to adidas. Major coup for Puma.

  25. Roger

    @Vern Fonk, Rangers have also been with umbro, adidas, Nike and now puma my friend.

  26. Mohd Hafiez Dzulkarnain


  27. Alex Anastassiou

    Good news!

  28. Vern Fonk

    Big for Puma.

    They have to go with the faux lace collar like the Uruguay shirt.

    Don’t go for the buck tooth collar!

    I think there’s only been Fulham that’s had umbro, adidas, Nike and Puma before.

  29. United!!!

    Wow… shocked!! never saw that coming… Always thought Nike made very good Arsenal kits. Nice coup by Puma tho.

    Wenger’s got the moolah now!! lets see if he will finally spend that money this summer!! if yes, exciting times ahead for gunner fans

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