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Puma Reveals 2022 World Cup Away Kits!

Despite some reservations from football fans against its templated 2021/22 club third shirts, Puma doubles down on its themed approach as it reveals the away kits for the 2022 World Cup teams. This time around, the template revolves around stylised number boxes, changing from one design to another to uniquely identify with the team. Suffice to say that Puma is being bold, if not divisive in its kit-making philosophy.


The white base of Serbia’s 2022 World Cup Puma away shirt gives all the attention to the kit’s bespoked number box. It is an octagon with curved sides and a stylised Prince Mihailo Monument Coat of Arms at the top, flanked by solid bands. The themed design and the Puma logo on top of it carry gold accents, taking inspiration from the nation’s footballing heritage.


Switzerland’s 2022 World Cup Puma away is white at the upper part and light grey at the lower half, with a striped transition around the middle. As for its red box number, it is designed with interrupted outlines and rounded corners, in addition to the solid band covering the top and carrying the team crest and national flag on each side. Also in red is the Puma logo, also in the middle.


One of the kits not to sport a white base, Ghana’s 2022 World Cup Puma alternate is predominantly red with a national flag colour striping on its sleeve cuffs. Its Puma themed design is yellow surrounded by a thinner green outline. The top side is broadened to carry out a red and green jagged striping (again reflecting the national colours). Completing the flag reference is the black star, which is flanked in turn by the GHANA branding in a local font and the GFA logo. A tonal wide stripe flows down the middle of the shirt, reaching the collar and hemline end-to-end and going behind the personalised box number.


For the AFCON 2021 Champions, Puma gives Senegal a 2022 World Cup away kit that is predominantly green with a single dark-toned vertical stripe right down the middle and a collar striping representing the national colours. Its box number in red and yellow loosely represents a lion’s mouth, and that red top portion houses the national flag, federation emblem, and “Les Lions” lettering.  The Puma logo follows the same yellow shade.


Mainly white, the Morocco Puma away for the 2022 World Cup contains a half-and-half striping of dark green and red on the sleeve cuffs and collar. A greyish cultural mosaic pattern, which starts and ends its loop with the country’s association crest, circles around the number on the front. Similar to Ghana’ away shirt, the Senegal kit also has the darkened wide striping right at the centre. Also in green is the central Puma logo.


And finally we have the away shirt for Uruguay. It is white with a striping pattern of sky blue and white on the sleeve cuffs and collar. Sky blue vertical stripes that widen toward the centre go underlay the Puma template design. La Celeste’s number box carries on a regular crest outline, and like the other kits of the same template, it has a solid fill on the top portion that contains the national flag, the football association logo, and the ‘Uruguay’ script. Capping of the design is the Puma logo in gold.


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