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Puma World Cup Kits Spin on All Things Classic

The long and rich history of football and the World Cup is always a source of inspiration for kit makers like Puma. That is why the Wild Cat looks back on time to design the kits of its teams that are participating in this year’s biggest footballing event. Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Switzerland, and Uruguay have finally shown the world their modern strips, all of which pay a nostalgic tribute to their past glories. We will see the jerseys in action this coming December at the Qatar World Cup. And all the teams are hoping that it is their kit that will become synonymous to the 2022 title.



Ghana’s home kit for the 2022 World Cup puts its Black star identity to its core, placing the said symbol straight at the centre of the chest amidst a clean white base. The striped sleeve cuffs are patterned after the national flag colours. Ghana’s kit in its 3-2 win against Italy in 1996 provides a loose inspiration for the design and construction of the kit.



The Atlast Lions are going to wear a red home shirt that has some semblance to their 1998 World Cup kit. Aside from the combination of a vivid red base and bold green accents, much of the similarity boils down to the white-bordered green horizontal chest band design that is also interrupted on the centre by a Puma combination mark. Only this time the band does not extend to the sleeves as seen on the old kit.



2002 is a special one for Senegal. It was its first World Cup and the opening match was against reigning champions France. Suffice to say that the nation’s 1-0 victory on that match takes a whole new meaning when the context is considered. Puma reviews the boldly-accented kit worn by the Lions of Teranga at that time and incorporates some of its elements onto the 2022 version. As such, Senegal enters the World Cup in December with a predominantly white shirt that has a prominent yellow chestal chevron band bordered by green and red on the top and bottom respectively. The new kit doubles down on the accent colours by striping the sleeve cuffs and collar with the national flag colour pattern.



The mid-nineties Switzerland teams brought the nation back to the biggest stages of world football, and even reached as high as third in the FIFA rankings. Their shirts were usually accented with white. And so to honour their contributions, the Puma home kit of the 2022 Switzerland side is predominantly red with a white halftone gradient design on the collarbone area, comprising of lines that tone down in width and intensity towards the bottom. There are additional white details such as the logos and the trim on the collar.



The clean application of Celeste blue on the 2022 Uruguay home shirt pays tribute to the original golden era of Uruguayan football during the early part of the 20th century. Gold accents from the classic Puma logo and association crest add sparkle to the retro-inspired jersey, while the white meshed sleeve cuffs and raised side collars from the buttoned henley collar provide a complimentary colour accent.


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