World Cup Quarter Final Kits

Nike Kits Dominate 2022 World Cup Quartferfinalists!

Kits from Nike-sponsored teams dominate the list of this year’s World Cup quarterfinalists. Not to mention the fact that the said teams are also leading contenders, there is a greater probability now that an affiliate of the brand will carry the golden trophy in a few weeks time. The Netherlands, England, France, Brazil, Croatia and Portugal all have that quality to make their respective outfit this year’s winning kit.

World Cup Quarter Final Kits

Standing their way, however, are Argentina and Morocco, the respective sole representatives of adidas and Puma. The calibre of the former and the discipline of the latter are more than enough to trump Nike’s ‘strength in numbers’ march towards World Cup victory.

Whoever comes out of Brazil vs Croatia and England vs France, Nike is already assured of those slots for the next knockout round. Should the Netherlands edge out Argentina and Portugal stop Morocco in its tracks, then the Swoosh could already count on the glory of the World Cup in advertising their future kits and boots.

There is a clear contrast between the white England and navy France home shirts, so the teams will most likely have their primary kits on in their matchup. The designs and traditional colours of the kits in Netherlands vs Argentina and Brazil vs Croatia are different enough to prevent confusion on the pitch, with one side incorporating subtle animal prints and the other displaying a bespoke pattern. Some of them, however, may opt for their darker alternate strips should their be a need to further enhance kit contrast.

The same cannot be said with Portugal and Morocco, who both have kits in red and green. It is guaranteed that one of them will appear with its secondary jersey.

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