QPR Lotto Kits 2013/14

QPR today launched their new kits for the 2013/14 campaign. This will be QPR’s sixth consecutive season with Lotto Sport Italia as their technical sponsor and official supplier.

The club’s new home shirt features the classic blue and white hoops, bringing a return to the wider hoops which characterised some of the kits worn by legendary players throughout the club’s history such as Marsh, Bowles, Francis and Ferdinand. The hoops are outlined by thin red edging, giving them a little more emphasis.

The new design for the collar also provides a more modern feel, with the hidden red button adding a touch of class to the kit, especially when coupled with the embroidered ‘QPR’ on the back of the neck, and the embroidered crest, which creates a high-impact 3D effect.

The new QPR away shirt features the same template as that of the home shirt, this time being mainly red and black hoops (or what many QPR fans fondly refer to as the ‘Dennis the Menace’ kit).

Finally, the new QPR third shirt is inspired by the colours of Caterham F1 Racing Team, which is owned by QPR owner Tony Fernandes. For the first time in several seasons, along with the other two strips, the kit is also hooped, with dark green alternating with strong yellow.

Source – Club official Website

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  1. The home and away are quite reasonable. However, the 3rd shirt is awful, and looks like it was designed for the Malaysian market. Hopefully Crystal Palace will get promoted and they won’t have to wear it.

  2. That’s a very nice set of shirts, and a vast emprovement over last seasons efforts.

  3. The home and away kits are spot on. The third kit is awful and the goalkeeper kit is alright – not great.

  4. Not a QPR fan, but as an F1 fan I love the 3rd kit. Shame that Lotto didn’t change their logo to fit in though, red doesn’t look nice on top of green and yellow.

    If I see it at a reasonable price, I’d probably buy it.

  5. @D King..

    I reckon theyll stil have to wear it against Doncaster!

    I actually quite like em all…looks like they were made for a 3rd season Premier League team, however…………

  6. @ #1 D King: Surely with these colours they’d need to wear the third kit against Doncaster (who play in red/white hoops)?

  7. All 3 shirts look great to me. Points taken off for the lotto shoulder logo and that ridiculous “new” crest.

  8. Much better looking kits than the previous ones…. Pity now that they can only wear it in the championships….

  9. Best QPR kits in years.

    Shame it’s taken Lotto so long to get their act together. Must have employed somebody new.

  10. Ferdinand club legend…… Oh dear. Classing players like him as a club legend is why they got relegated, heads up their own ar#ses with no idea how to run a club

  11. @BRNY – you know they mean LES Ferdinand not anton right? ‘Sir Les’ is absolutely a club legend!!

    these are good, broader hoops are always nice so plus points for that, wore red trim in the last championship kit a few years ago so also good. Away going back to tradition so more plus points, 3rd is a nod to Tony fernandes’ caterham F1 team which is fair enough really as he pays the bills and finally whats is the problem with the crest I like it but anyway fernandes says we’re going back to the previous one as of 14/15 so everyone can stop maning about it.

  12. The 3rd shirt is the colours of Lotus which is owened also by Mr. Fernandes no? So it’s a car colour of an originally british company which is now Malaysian not Malaysian colours which would be Yellow and Black

  13. Sadly they will be in the championship with such a lovely kit better than the last 2 seasons

  14. All of those kits are sublime, even the goalkeeping shirt is desirable compared to most.

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