Queens Park Rangers to get Nike Shirts Next Season?

Championship side Queens Park Rangers may have hinted that they will be wearing Nike kits next season as QPR owner Tony Fernandes posted on Twitter “Look at photo of me in my house to get clue of new kit supplier”. QPR owner Tony Fernandes tweeted a picture of himself with his feet up looking out from his place.


There have been suggestions that it will be Nike as next year’s kit supplier as Fernandes himself is wearing pair of Nike shoes or it may be even adidas with the three stripes being the sky, ocean and pool. The image shown below may be the template in which QPR might use next season in which it boasts blue and white hoops.


Queens Park Rangers are currently in a kit deal with Italian brand Lotto and the club may be switching to the Nike or adidas next season. QPR sit in second place behind Blackpool in the Championship and they will be looking for an immediate return to the Premier League this season. The club have also announced the new signings of Niko Kranjcar, Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Tom Carroll on loan.

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  1. 1st of april or what is that “story” all about.

    Maybe they get HANES as his underwear is maybe made by `em.

  2. Domination! Nike and Adidas are owning all the teams in the Prem now -apart from LFC, Spurs….any others?

  3. Lotto have let QPR down with their designs for some time. It’s hard to get blue and white hoops wrong but they’ve managed it consistantly.

  4. Tony Fernandes is getting a little over excited about the new QPR Nike (or Adidas) Teamware kits.
    I do agree with Augustus.. the Lotto kits have been brutal.

  5. It must be adidas they are gearing up to own the city…a plan to have all the big teams in london in adidas…
    follows on from the all in campaign

  6. Not Nike or Adidas but Warrior. Swimming pool, pool, Liverpool, Warrior.

    Perfect kit for a joke club like QPR.

  7. Finally kicking out the Italian links from the days of Briatore; thought Benneton might have made the kits in his time at the club.

  8. nike isn’t any bright side cuz you just know they’re gonna end up with a lazy template but then again lotto’s been horrid too !

  9. I don’t think that there will be a complete domination of Premier League kits by Adidas and Nike. Whilst presently Adidas make 9 and Nike 4 clubs shirts. Big clubs like Arsenal (Puma), Liverpool (Warrior) and Spurs (Under Armour) are with other brands.

    I would have thought there was more value in a smaller brand to have a presence in the Premier League, than for Adidas/Nike to have another club, plus whilst fans might prefer the big brands, the smaller ones have an advantage of designing a specific shirt for that club, rather than being just another club in team wear.

  10. “Domination! Nike and Adidas are owning all the teams in the Prem now -apart from LFC, Spurs….any others?”

    1) Errea – Norwich

    2) QPR aren’t in the Premier League anyway.

  11. Adidas and Nike are totally dominating Premier League kits.

    Except Villa.
    And Liverpool.
    And Crystal Palace.
    And Norwich.
    And Cardiff.
    And Newcastle.
    And Spurs.

    Complete and utter domination.

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