Red And White Striped Shirts With What Shorts?

Red And White Striped Shirts With What Shorts?

Red And White Striped Shirts With What Shorts?

How do red & white striped shirts look best? Is it with white shorts, blue shorts, black shorts or red shorts. Team’s like Atletico Madrid, Sunderland, Doncaster, Southampton and plenty more have either experimented with changing their shorts or just stuck to a traditional design. Which do you think is best?

Red & white striped shirts

Shirt images courtesy of Mikhail at Colours of Football.

Posted on May 19, 2007

Comments on “Red and white striped shirts with what shorts?”

  1. Danny WBA

    I think the shorts should be half red and half white with the socks being red and white striped

  2. Jacko

    cheltenhams kit is the best 😉 white shorts!!!

  3. Tony

    i think it looks good in red, black and white but not blue!!!

  4. Andy

    Red shorts with red and white socks wuld do the trick.

  5. Blackcatpaul

    I think it all depends on the traditional colours of the club and the colours on the clubs crest.

  6. Simson

    white shorts and reds sock

  7. Louse

    black shorts or white dont matter

  8. Aaron

    I prefer it with white although black doesn’t look too bad either.

  9. Didier

    It has to be the Paraguay shorts, blue looks best by miles. By the way Paraguay is sponsored by adidas now not puma

  10. I think the red shorts are really nice but Athletico Madrids Kit with blue shorts is well klas!

  11. Craig

    best with black shorts!

  12. Dave K

    Agree with Sparkyjinks. Although black shorts are ok. It does also depend on the shirt. Of the 4 examples Paraguay looks the best, as it is simple.

  13. Sparkyjinx

    Its gotta be with white shorts….so long as the socks are white too though!

  14. -Pie2ricK-

    with a red short is the most beautiful i think

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