Republic of Ireland sign sponsorship deal with 3

The Republic of Ireland, whose controversial elimination from qualifying for the 2010 World Cup against France was the highlight of the play-off stage of the qualifiers for South Africa 2010, have signed a shirt sponsorship deal with 3. 3 is Ireland’s largest high speed network and has signed a 7.5 million Euro deal with the Football Association of Ireland over a four-year period. The new sponsorship launches of the 11th August.

Not only will the logo of 3 appear on the playing shirts of Ireland, but the network will also feature prominently on the training wear, on tickets and in the brand new Aviva Stadium. The shirts with the 3 logo will be available from Autumn onwards, and fans are encouraged to join the network in order to benefit from exclusive access to tickets and other initiatives. The deal comes at the appropriate time when the Irish national football team has just moved into the world-class Aviva Stadium, used for the first time in a friendly against Manchester United. The comments of Robert Finnigan, Chief Executive Officer of 3, and John Delaney, Chief Excutive Officer of the Football Association of Ireland, were:

Robert Finnigan

“We are delighted to announce this major sponsorship, and see this as a strong strategic fit for our business to drive awareness of our brand amongst supporters of the number one sport in the country. Football fans will be at the heart of 3’s sponsorship strategy and we plan to launch a range of exciting, new initiatives, including priority ticket bookings for 3 customers.”

“This announcement officially confirms 3 as Irish football’s biggest fan and the number one network for all supporters. We hope football fans will not only cheer on our boys in green but will support their new sponsor by switching to 3. Giovanni Trapattoni’s mobile phone bills will never have been so low, with 3 he’ll be paying local Irish rates even when he’s in Italy!”

John Delaney

“3 is a new and dynamic brand in Ireland and their determination and drive will bring fresh energy and focus to the partnership. The agreement comes at a very significant time for Irish football and I look forward to seeing both sides enjoying success on and off the pitch.”

“This is significant sponsorship which is structured to reach out as never before to engage with grassroots football and all the strands of the game that we represent. It is a significant investment in the future of Irish football, particularly in light of the current economic climate.”

“We have worked hard with Robert Finnegan and his team from 3 over recent months I thank them for their vision, determination and professionalism. By coming on board at such an exciting time for Irish football, we look forward to a very beneficial partnership.”

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  1. it’s something about hotties in football jerseys that gets me all hot and flustered! 😉

  2. Their names are Georgia Salpa and Sara Kavanagh.They are Irelands top models.Both look so hot,however i don’t like the feel of the new shirt.Design’s ok,nothing special.Prefer the last 2 designs.

  3. I would like to say i love their front two but looking at them it looks like the front four!!!!

  4. Wont this be confusing for commentators who if looking at a player from the front, will think that every irish player is their number three???

  5. ^

    No because players have names.
    No because they all look different.
    No because what are they chances all the players will be viewed from the front.

    If you can get Richard Dunne and Aiden McGeady mixed up from the front because of a sponser, then to Specsavers.

    Anyways, the sponser will be on replica jerseys.

  6. @ Blades the sponsor will only appear on replica shirts not the ones the players wear

  7. Nice logo but yet another reason to boycott Irish shirts – If fans are expected to shell out $$$ for a REPLICA, they should get a REPLICA of the shirt that’s being REPLICATED. Not a butchered commercial copy. FAI=$cum.

  8. I’d bet on the rabbit at Wimbledon dog track as it always seems to win the race,I would put five pence each way on it.

  9. Ireland is the only country in the world that makes the fans wear a sponsor on the national jersey even tho the players don’t wear it on theirs. The FAI are broke and treat the fans as f***ing billboards. At the next international tournament we qualify for (a french hand not withstanding) we will be the f***ing telecom supporters. FAI you are a joke, oh and the two chick are Irish (well one of them’s half Irish and half Greek … can you guess which one ?)

  10. Look at those lovely pert globes on display. I’d love to get my hands on them. Tell me Umbro, where can I get those balls?

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