RESULT: Premier League Shirts Cup 2011/12: Best Away Shirt – Final

The result of the best away shirt for the 2011/12 season can be seen below. In a very unbalanced affair right from the start, Norwich ran out clear leaders of the vote. We received a total of 1540 votes, 57.5% of which went towards the green Errea Norwich City away shirt. The votes for Norwich were a mixture of those who actually believe that the shirt is the best out of the 20 away shirts in the Premier League this season, and those who are Norwich fans and have been attracted to our website when their club won the home shirt vote. The news of their home shirt victory was announced on Norwich City’s official club website.

The runner-up in the vote, with just 15.8% of votes received, was Arsenal, whose diagonally-halved blue away shirt becomes the second-best popular away shirt in the Premier League this season.

While we look forward to next season’s edition of the Premier League Shirts Cup, we remind you to keep checking our website for updates regarding new shirt issues in England, Europe and the major leagues worldwide. We are also inviting your comments regarding how the Premier League Shirts Cup competition can be improved.

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  1. Well that explains it. Norwich have a good kit, but I not good enough to win by such an overwhelming margin.

    But what on earth are Arsenal doing in 2nd? I’m an Arsenal fan, and even I’ll admit thats its not great. Who voted for it? Colour-blind Monaco fans?

  2. Have to reluctantly say that I prefer Man City shirt and I am a Norwich fan and have both home and away shirts. Voting certainly unbalanced even if it is a good kit ! OTBC

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