Retro Tuesdays – Arsenal Away Shirt 2003/04

Retro Tuesdays – Arsenal Away Shirt 2003/04

Retro Tuesdays – Arsenal Away Shirt 2003/04

Retro Tuesdays #7 – Today’s retro shirt feature is the Arsenal away shirt used during the 2003/04 season. The shirt was mainly yellow with a royal blue collar and sleeve hems. The Nike logo and O2 sponsor logo were also in royal blue.

#7Arsenal should be making a return to yellow for their 2013/14 away shirt – Check out the leaked shirt here:

Also check out this interview we had recently with James Elkin, a passionate Arsenal fan who has a great collection of Arsenal match worn shirts.

Thanks to Sebastien Vrod for his submission!

Like our Facebook Page to see the complete Retro Tuesdays Album so far! Today’s addition to our Retro Album is the Spanish home shirt by adidas worn in the 1996 European Championship.

Posted on March 26, 2013

Comments on “Retro Tuesdays – Arsenal Away Shirt 2003/04”

  1. Rose Gooner

    Retro Tuesdays – Arsenal Away Shirt 2003/04.

  2. Arn

    I like this kit lots.

  3. Cdot_The_Gooner

    Glad I own this shirt! Love it!

  4. ShadowStripe

    A 25th anniversary shirt that was issued to commemorate the FA Cup win of ’79. Look forward to another tribute shirt in the 2028/29 season…

  5. Brn442

    Was a decent effort, better known for its retro mimicking however. Arsenal away should almost always be navy and yellow.

  6. El Patriato

    the good old arsenal days!!

  7. IKnowWhatYouDidLastSeason

    This was a great kit. Didn’t like it as first but now I admire the class of this kit. Yellow and royal blue is a true arsenal away shirt.

  8. D King

    I agree like the 70s more teams should have a yellow away shirt. It won’t happen for two reasons.
    1> Shirt makers can do more with the away shirt, whilst keeping the home shirt traditional
    2> If you make clubs have a white away kit, then they will need a 3rd kit, hence more money. Teams with white shirts tend to have blue away kits so they clash with WBA and Wigan etc.

  9. Stripey Nigel (gooner4ever)

    Great Franny Jeffers kit this, remember it well. He defined this shirt

  10. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    one of their more decent efforts , still not great though

  11. Marvin The Paranoid Android

    Depressing that the last kit Arsenal won the league is now considered retro. That was the first away kit I bought, and by a mile the best.

    Arsenal away kits just don’t look right if they’re not yellow, really hope that the leak you shared before the one linked in this article is the real thing!

  12. Kermit

    … Dreadful Kit !

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