Rooney Shirt Printing Is Most Popular In 20 Years Of Premier League

Rooney Shirt Printing Is Most Popular In 20 Years Of Premier League

Rooney Shirt Printing Is Most Popular In 20 Years Of Premier League

In a report appearing on the official Barclays Premier League website, it was announced that in the 20 years of Premier League football, the most popular player name printed on football shirts has been that of Wayne Rooney by a large margin. The shirts with Rooney printing started being produced in 2002 when the English forward made his debut with Everton, but their demand soared when he moved to Manchester United in the summer of 2004, and when Ruud van Nistelrooy vacated the number 10 jersey in 2007.

The data regarding shirt sales comes from Sporting iD, which has developed the technology behind the replica shirts of the Premier League since 1993. Rooney’s name came ahead of those of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, Chelsea striker Fernando Torres (counting also when he was at Liverpool), ex-Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo, and Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard. The market for the Premier League shirts has been expanding year after year, with the demand for shirt printing following suit. The popularity of Wayne Rooney is showing no signs of diminishing as the player is breaking record after record to write his name in the all-time stars list of Manchester United.

Posted on April 30, 2012

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  1. Loony

    I wear my own name on the back of my Newcastle shirts and being from Ireland, where people are huge United or Liverpool fans, I can honestly say that in all the United shirts I have seen, not one has had Rooney on the back of it.

    What’s most likely happened in this case is that they have pre-printed the shirts, marketting them towards the younger fans who idolize Shrek.

  2. Mitchivic

    Rooney is such a bad role model it disgusts me everytime i see his name on the back of a shirt, i always get mitchivic put on my chelsea shirts with no. 69

  3. Steggz

    Honest question: What do you guys think about getting your own name printed on a shirt?

  4. Jarkko

    @6 Liverpool? And what has that team of over rated underachieving individuals succeeded in doing recently? Take out Gerrard, who has hardly been on form the past couple of years and you are lower mid table. You are living on past glories with Dalgleish still there, so much money spent and where are you?

  5. Clarkey

    One of the funniest moments ever was when me 35 year old mate met us in a boozer in town wearing a Lampard shirt. Lamps walks in 10 mins later and just looks at him and shakes his head

  6. Sean

    Why? The worst thing you can see, is a man wearing a footy shirt with another mans name on it. Kids aspire to be like the players and the players are older than them, so that OK to do. But a 40 year old man wearing the name of a 22 year old or an even younger man is SAD. Imaging bumping into that player in the boozer with your mates, you would die of embarassement

  7. Grant Kayy

    rooney’s s***e, stevie G all the way… Mon the pool !!!! Man city to win the league !

  8. Nick Diggin

    he was shit last night.

  9. Dan Bu

    Kompany looooooool

  10. Brown Land

    rooney is over rated.

  11. RooneyFan(Parker)MessiSucks

    yippee! hahaha!!!!

  12. NCFC1

    Dopey shrek t**t

  13. Edison Eniola Edmond

    true talk

  14. Santa_maria

    so what????????????

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