The sponsorship search by the Red Devils takes a new dimension after AIG announced that they would not be renewing the present deal. At the Man Utd camp, there is no room for panic, as the club has plenty of time to discuss and negotiate with interested parties to find the best deal out there. Another company which has been mentioned apart from Sahara is Saudi Telecom, the main provider of telecommunication service in Saudi Arabia. If the credit crunch brought AIG to its knees, it certainly didn’t have the same effect on the Eastern company, funded by an infinite bank account brought about by the fact that Saudi Arabia is the Number One exporter of oil.

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A deal would benefit both parties as both increase their influence in the respective region. Man Utd would improve their current £19 million hanging-on-a-thread deal to a secure £25 million per year for 5 years, totalling £125 million. A 5-year deal is already in place, worth £15 million, which give Saudi Telecom the ability to use the Man Utd brand to market their products within Saudi Arabia. The company’s expansion into Malaysia (which Man Utd will be touring this summer), South Africa and Indonesia makes them likely candidates to be on the Red Devils’ shirts come 2010/11. The search for a new shirt sponsor was confirmed by a Man Utd spokesperson:

“Manchester United is exploring the possibility of a shirt sponsor for the 2010-11 season.”

“The club is in dialogue with a select number of top companies worldwide and has so far received sufficient interest to be confident it can improve on its £19m annual partnership with AIG.”

Back in August, when the deal was signed, David Gill commented as follows:

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“Manchester United is delighted to announce a new five year partnership with Saudi Telecom, the largest telecommunications company in the Middle East. This historic deal will give Saudi Telecom exclusive rights as the official mobile communications partner of Manchester United in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with access to unique mobile phone content, including player interviews, goal replays and match reports.”

“This ground breaking partnership will bring the action of Manchester United direct to our millions of fans across Saudi Arabia. Our match earlier this year in Riyadh demonstrated the passion our Saudi fans have for Manchester United and we are excited to be partnered with Saudi Telecom, the region’s biggest player.”

Source (The Sun)


36 thought on “Saudi Telecom favourites for Man Utd”
  1. Man U are money whores – they should do like Barca and PAY for a cause on their shirt

    …and Chelsea – and Real Madrid – and Inter – and Juve – and on and on…

  2. Looks like they have a better logo these days:

    That wouldn’t look so bad, the STC font is pretty neat

  3. the writing on the bottom below the STC is actually arabic for ” i support them but i dont even know where manchester is !”

  4. I can 100% say fake! all nike based football shirts from now till they change it again hav team nike in a black box wer man utd’s red devil design is

  5. I certainly hope women won’t buy this shirt considering Saudi Arabia’s attitudes towards women in society – i.e. second class citizens who cannot drive a car, leave the country, or even the family home without their husband’s permission.

    Shame on United for getting in to bed with these medieval barbarians. I certainly won’t be wearing this shirt or any other that they sponsor.

  6. It seems to me that a good

    I am Saudi and I know it is the best company Etisalat in Saudi Arabia

    And develop from Manchester United, certainly

  7. I don’t know how they thinking!!
    I’m saudi man, and the STC in Saudi Arabia is too bad!!
    I don’t know what they doing to money!

  8. Saudi Arabia is much better and more developed than your fucking countries. Your countries suck and you’re just envious devils coz you are fucking poor people loool. FUCK All who said bad words about Saudi Arabia.

  9. Beneficiary will be the biggest Manchester United certainly Congratulations to the sponsoring company, Manchester

  10. dgk you stupid .. I can swear you don’t even know where is Saudi Arabia on the map .. women in my country are respected and not treated like objects as in your fucking country .. you think your better than us ?? without our oil you wouldn’t survive in the world you asshole

  11. i think that all people over the world are improving in thier thinking about others except some of them are going back to the the rock age !

    grow up ! you should learn from that !

    no racism for religions , no racism for countries , and no racism for colors !

  12. هههههههههههههه اقول على زق انت واياه خخخخخخخخخ
    CTS تاج راسك

  13. تجيبو روني ولا ناني تفوزون علينا يالمني عسا الله تبطى

    هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه عاشق المدفعجية

  14. will I dont care about who is sponsor as long they gonnna pay more money which will help us to have better new players in future

  15. You have an idea that was not true for Saudi Arabia
    Women jewel and must be preserved .. You Ekskm’s West

    The club will benefit greatly from the support of the company’s continued and significant

    Saudi Arabia .. Beautiful and wonderful place

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  17. بتخسروني يامانشستر لو وقعتوا مع النذل الدويش
    انا حذرتكم وانتم بكيفكم

  18. Hey manchester united fans
    I am a Saudi and I live in the US. I love Man United but I hate British red necks who are ignorant and racist. I hope that the deal will not be processed cuz u British deserve
    h a r d d i c k s on your mouthes rather than money.

  19. وش هالتخبص

    حتسي فاضي مبين مايصير شي والله اني داري

  20. Guyz,,,,,,

    Calm down!

    The question is: Why does STC is advertising on Man United Shirts????

    It is not their target market, and it wouldn’t affect their profit!

    Man United shirt should be targeted by Companies like APPLE, TOYOTA, etc those Company who are selling their product worldwide.

  21. فشلتونا الله يفشلكم خصوصا بعض الردود

    اصلا سمعتنا كسعوديين خربانه وخربتوها زود

    لكن يازين ردود بعض الشباب

  22. I think that Saudi Telecom wants to get more customers through ads in the most popular teams in and outside Saudi Arabia for example, in Saudi Arabia Saudi Telecom put ads on the top four teams shirts
    And the rival communications company mobily have put ads on the courts of Spain
    In short, the competition for the Middle East’s largest market (Saudi Arabia) made up of competition in ads abroad

  23. والله الطقم حلو خصوصاً ان الغرب يعتبرون الخط العربي فن جمالي لكن انا ماحب مانشستر يونايتد انا من عشاق تشلسي

    لكن الطقم هذا احلى من طقم AIG

    وبدامهم وقعوا مع الإتصالات السعودية ان شاء الله مصيرهم الفشل ,,,

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