Bayern Munich announces latest adidas Third, completing its trifecta of shirts for 2022/23. The jersey will feature heavily in the Bavarians’ UCL campaign this season. At first glance, the kit seems to have a plain look-predominantly black with red details (monochrome logos,  template shoulder stripes and sleeve cuffs), a colour theme that has already been applied previously. Beneath the simple dark exterior, however, lies the main design of the outfit-connected blocks of diamonds where each houses a symbol from the country’s popular card game Schafkopf. The visual design covers only the front side, leaving the sleeves and backside in plain black. The stylised tonal collar has a lighter pop and a heavy piping.

There are several reasons for the Schafkopf-inspired shirt to be favoured by fans. First, the design is inherently German and gives pride to the nation. Second is the shirt being a symbol of tactics, something you need to win in the card game and that Bayern Munich has an abundance of on the football field. Lastly, this could be a shirt that could be immortalised if the firepower,  the blend of youth and experience, and the intelligence of Bayern’s players as a cohesive unit translate to the club winning the UCL title at the end of the year.






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