Sevilla 2013/14 Warrior Home Kit Design

Sevilla 2013/14 Warrior Home Kit Design

Sevilla 2013/14 Warrior Home Kit Design

Sevilla Futbol Club is a Spanish club playing in La Liga. The team ranked 9th in last season’s table. The first and only time that the club won La Liga title was in the 1945/46 season. They won the Copa del Rey 5 times and the UEFA Cup back-to-back in 2005/06 and 2006/07.


After having their 2012/13 kit designed and supplied by Umbro, the new kits aas from 2013 will be manufactured by Warrior. Warrior are best known for being the shirt manufacturers of Liverpool FC in England. Above you can see the design to be used for the new home kit of the club. The shirt has a white base colour with a red flapped collar and red sleeve hems. There is a vertical stripe made up of red boxes going from below the collar down the centre of the shirt. The complementary home shorts are white while the socks are black.

Posted on March 20, 2013

Comments on “Sevilla 2013/14 Warrior Home Kit Design”


    @4 Sevilla have always had black socks and white shorts. The shirt isn’t ugly but i dont like the segmented line

  2. John Rafael

    How you can't see this is just a fan drawing?

  3. Imagen

    warrior f**ing sponsor,

  4. Brn442

    Shirt looks decent to me..well done Warrior. No gap for a sponsor, perhaps they are not getting one?

  5. Garry

    I like the way Warrior are simplifying the crest and bringing out one of the best looking Liverpool kit of the last 10 years. So credit where due. But that’s it, I’ve seen nothing else from them that looks even a bit decent. Warrior needs to recognise more classic and simple kits like the Liverpool home will get them nothing but praise. But the longer they keep up with these designs that look out of place designs that wouldn’t look good anywhere, well they’ll basically be the laughing stock of football manufacturers

  6. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    warrior are ssssshhhhhhiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeee !!!!

    warrior should be banned for producing offensive shirts . BAN THEM

  7. Northernhorn

    What is this crap I see before me.

  8. D King

    It’s different. Which could be good. I am not sure what Seville’s shirt heritage is, but I think whoever designed this spent too long driving around the M25. 6/10

  9. Charley Johnson

    liverpool home template.

  10. James

    This is terrible? For me Sevilla are about sleek simple white shirts and shorts with minimal red trim and black socks.

    I do have to admit I loved the Paint stripe kit from 2007 though.

  11. Lars E

    It’s much MORE work to embroider a crest than it is to do a heat transfer. The LFC crest is embroidered and I expect this will be, too.

    But if you think this is bad, wait until you see the LFC away kit. Hooo boy.

  12. Pol

    Good Designnnnnnnnnnnn

  13. N7 Bluebird

    Warrior are absolutely shocking!!

  14. Vern Fonk

    Warriors designs just look cheap. They are trying to do something different which is good but they just don’t manage to pull it off.

    I do like the old style badge. But that broken stripe doesn’t look good. This reminds me of a Bari shirt from the eay 90’s.

  15. Wutwut

    May I take your order sir?

  16. Kopite

    Laziness in simplifying the crest. DeanoB is right about their motives. We come not to work seems like a better slogan

  17. Doctors Your Uncle

    Kill it! Kill it with fire!

  18. Warrior

    Warrior sacks!!

  19. Forest Fan Nick

    Could i not get a job designing kits at Warrior?!

  20. Forest Fan Nick

    absolutely shocking

  21. SkyBluePhoenix

    @4 No, Seville have always had their colours this way. I like the thinking behind the badge but it looks a bit off. Segmented line is a bit random too.

  22. Bellers

    if detail on the shirt is red, shouldn’t it be on the shorts and socks too?

  23. DeanoB

    OK, by the looks of this and Liverpool’s this and next season, it seems like Warrior cannot print/stitch detailed badges?? So the return of the “Liverbird” was not an inspiring comeback decided by the board, just a lazy decision by the kit manufacturer!

    However, compared to the last few seasons kit this doesnt look too bad for Sevilla…at the moment

  24. Ur Mum

    what da fuqqqqqqq

  25. Ak8


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