Sevilla In Warrior Sports Shirts From 13/14

Sevilla In Warrior Sports Shirts From 13/14

Sevilla In Warrior Sports Shirts From 13/14

La Liga side, Sevilla have announced that Warrior Sports will make the club’s kits from the 13/14 season in a deal that is set to last five seasons. Ben Haworth, global sports marketing manager for Warrior Football said of the deal:

“Sevilla FC is a club that is not only rich in heritage but has also enjoyed great success on the pitch during its 107 year history, with a presence in La Liga, we have the ability to connect with a new legion of football fans, enabling us to continue fulfilling our pledge to take the Warrior brand further and deeper into the global football market.”

“We are delighted to announce this partnership agreement with Sevilla FC and will continue to strengthen our portfolio with outstanding team and player assets from around the world over the coming months,”

Warrior just this weekend announced Marouane Fellaini as one of their first player deals, to wear the Warrior Skreamer boots, on Monday Newcastle United defender Jonas Guitterez was spotted wearing the new boots.

The deputy general manager at Sevilla, said signing with Warrior was a very important step in the internationalization of the Club:

“It is an honor to have been selected as a platform to launch the Warrior brand into the Spanish market, uUndoubtedly, this agreement is possible because of Sevilla FC’s relevance in European football and the club’s recent success over the last few seasons.”

Posted on December 05, 2012

Comments on “Sevilla in Warrior Sports Shirts from 13/14”

  1. Andreina

    You kit haters can’t be more stupid. If you wanna talk about ugly kits I can give you that on the 3rd LFC kit. You can’t possibly say the home kit is horrible, it’s really classy and simple, and the shade of red is more pleasing to the eye than the last kids Adidas put to the market (they were boss nonetheless)

    And the away kit is not that bad, it’s got a decent combination and a design that honours Liverpool’s very early days. A hideous away kit is Barcelona’s, make my eyes bleed.

  2. U RRRRRR's

    Fellaini the L’pool legend haha… Joke of an article

  3. Snaggletooth Fenton

    #8 Loose or lose?

  4. Smudge The Kopite

    we have banners around our ground: we come not to play… loose instead

  5. Tim Murphy

    Chuck, stop surfin' the web and get back to work

  6. Liverpool Fan

    #6 you are joking , yes ? Warrior have made the most disgusting kits ever for LFC – even the training tops and tracksuits are hideous . I love LFC but i cant buy anything this season , im not going to embarrass myself by wearing ugly gear

  7. Adam

    Warrior aren’t that bad. Most people are super-critical of Warrior because they’re new. Everyone respects Adidas and Nike because we’re used to them.

  8. YorkshireImp

    A least Sevilla will have a individual style. At least it won’t be generic out of date Nike teamwear.

  9. Chuck Lemasco

    Given that they will still be sponsored by them, then I guess they will….

  10. Changeme

    No, no, no…bring back Joma please!!

  11. SkyBluePhoenix

    @The Facts
    Well, he is becoming a legend IN Liverpool, if not FOR them ha.

  12. Charley Johnson

    at least liverpool wont have dodgy third kits then.

  13. Rooney Is Soooo Ugly

    Poor sevilla , i feel sorry for them . Liverpool have the most hideous shirts in history thanks to warrior

  14. The Facts

    ‘The Liverpool legend’ = ‘Marouane Fellaini’

    Oh dear.

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