2008/09 Shirt Release Dates

2008/09 Shirt Release Dates

2008/09 Shirt Release Dates

Thanks to Subside Sports we have the release dates for a lot of popular shirts coming out this summer.

Things of note include release dates for both a Manchester United away shirt in July AND a third/euro shirt in September, Manchester City getting new home and away shirts, along with West Ham having a new shirt to be released very soon.


Spurs Third
West Ham Home
Fulham Home
Birmingham Home
Newcastle United Away


Sunderland Away
Wigan Home
Spurs Away
Barcelona Home
Barcelona Away
Arsenal Home
Celtic Away
Reading Home
Chelsea Away
Liverpool Away
Portsmouth Home
Manchester United Away
Bolton Home
Arsenal Away
Manchester City Home


Aston Villa Home
Fulham Away
Chelsea Third (Euro)
Manchester City Away
Liverpool Third (Euro)
Celtic Home
Reading Away
Wigan Away
Bolton Away
Newcastle Third
Aston Villa Away


Portsmouth Third
Fulham Third
Manchester United Third (Euro)
Manchester City Third

Posted on May 29, 2008

Comments on “2008/09 Shirt Release Dates”

  1. Spidey - Pig :D

    newcatle may not be a big football team but al bet you we have the best support you could ever get

  2. Joel Shevlin

    i really want to get the new man u 3rd kit but i dont know when its coming out . can anyone tell me the excact date please

  3. ?_123

    U’s must be mad thinkin nufc r a big club.

  4. Morg Nufc

    Newcastles away shirt is out on 24th of june so i dont know why july is put down. And i beleive it is purple lookin at it on the website no sign of a third shirt not like we need one as i never saw newcastle play in it last season.

  5. Lauren

    When are the new MKdons shirts coming out??

  6. Gooner

    The comments below suggest Arsenal change kits every year? Arsenal home top last season was also used for the 1st season at the emirates, the away top was used as a tribute to the great herbert chapman and the bog standard champions league top, which all top 4 have every year!

  7. Josh

    Wat about Leeds

  8. Ec_99


  9. Newcastle Utd Gavin McElroy

    smion hill have you got any news on the date for the newcastle utd away and 3rd

  10. Greg

    Anyone know when the new AS Roma kit is being released? Cheers

  11. Newcastle Utd Gavin McElroy

    chelsea and arsenal change ther home kits ever 2 years

  12. D King

    With Arsenal and Chelsea moving to yearly kit changes, I think it leaves just Liverpool, Manchester United and Newcastle United on changes to their home shirt every other season.

    It won’t last as Liverpool and United’s owners are in it just for the money, and Newcastle’s owner flogs football shirts.


    Is there a new bolton goalie kit..?

  14. Chris

    Are the geordies on this on a wind up? YOU ARE NOT A BIG CLUB.

  15. Simon Hill

    i work for jjb, and have been given some release dates.
    Everton home – TBC June
    Arsenal Home – 3rd July
    Inter Milan home & away – 15th July
    Chelsea Away – 16th July
    Liverpool Away – 17th July
    Man utd Away – 18th July
    Arsenal Away – 1st August
    Liverpool 3rd – TBC August
    Chelsea 3rd – 28th August
    Man Utd 3rd – 16th September
    Rangers home sometime in june/july and celtic home and away out in August.

  16. Jim

    Yay! Reading were mentioned.

    People do care 🙂

  17. Nick

    wers the mk dons shirt!!

  18. Newcastle Utd Gavin McElroy

    actualy jwheelie nufc we realeased are home kit in may the 2nd 2007 not june but i know what you mean big clubs like us only change there home every 2 years

  19. Swansea Jack

    wheres the swansea kit??????????

  20. Admin

    this list is not exhaustive, it just shows the ones which release date are confirmed for. Thanks to Subside Sports we can give you these for sure, those not on the list may or may not have new shirts and could be revealed at any time.

  21. Nositch

    so does that mean that Ac Milan are not getting new kits

  22. John

    where are the everton kits

  23. Jay

    No new rangers kits :$
    whats happening there?

  24. Mike857

    Well will that mean that Man Utd are getting rid of the black kit altogether?! Rumours were it was going to be moved to our third due to having a new away kit but if we are having a new third (Euro) shirt then there will be know room for the black kit.

    I hate waiting for the Man Utd shirts, they always wait till the end of the summer LOL.

    Shame really, I like to see kits last at least two years, but football is more about making money these days.

    Where did this source come from?

  25. JwheelieNUFC

    We’re a big club that doesn’t change their kit every year.

  26. JwheelieNUFC

    newcastle home shirt was released last june sweden!

  27. Andrew

    vimmy.. Man City had a home away and a 3rd last season.. and they had le coq sportif

  28. SWEDEN!

    Where is Newcastles home shirt?

  29. Vimmy

    so if man city are getting new home away and third kit does that mean there changing to adidas

  30. Newcastle Utd Gavin McElroy

    how do you know when the new newcastle 3rd kit and away top is coming

  31. Max

    wen is da leeds new kit bein released??? super leeds

  32. Andrew

    so does that mean rangers and celtic arent getting new kits?

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