Special English FA 150th Anniversary Badge

Special English FA 150th Anniversary Badge

Special English FA 150th Anniversary Badge

The FA has released its landmark logo to commemorate the 150 years of the English football organisation. The new logo is practically the same as the previous one used however it is the first time that is in gold, underlining the significance of the FA’s landmark year.

It also has a new 150-mark underneath the badge, marking the years since the orgnisation has been in existence (1863 – 2013).

FA Chairman David Bernstein said: “It is a great honour to be Chairman of The Football Association as we head into our 150th year.

“It is incredible to think how the game has developed from that very first meeting at the Freemasons’ Tavern in October 1863.

“Those founding fathers had real foresight to bring order and organisation to the game.

“Still, despite their sporting values and vision, no-one could have foreseen what football would come to mean for the nation.

“It truly is the national game and one in which we should all take tremendous pride.

“There can scarcely be a family in England that is not touched by football in some way and we at The FA take our responsibility to support the game very seriously.”

Source (FA Official Website)

Posted on October 23, 2012

Comments on “Special English FA 150th Anniversary Badge”

  1. Techaine

    Waste of time, pointless grandstanding, might as well devote the money and time towards revitalising the shambles of a national team

  2. Charley Johnson

    would love to see this on a shirt be proud to wear it.

  3. Cal

    Marco..I can see the point that Number 7 is making, albeit in a daft way. Opposing it but defending the 4 match ban for Terry is stupid. Forgeign player gets charged for racist comments – 8 match ban. Englishman gets charged for racist comments – 4 match ban. Where’s the fairness in that? Should have banned them both for playing football in the UK as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Mr.Robson

    I like the fact that the FA have spent millions on the state of the art set up at Burton for England to continue lumping long balls up to midgets (Rooney and Defoe) for the forseeable future

  5. Jebus

    Fotheringham, I couldn’t see your original comment at the time I posted mine – I wasn’t disagreeing with you, I just decided to make the same point you did in a sarcastic way.

    Incidently, Bud sponsor the FA. Coincidence?

  6. Fotheringham

    goole it you idiot

  7. Jebus

    The shape in which “150 years” is written definitely bears no resemblence to the Budwiser logo. None at all.

  8. Spudiator

    I can see this being followed by some hideous-looking all-white kit with gold trim when Nike start in the spring, though I hope I’m wrong.

  9. Fotheringham

    this is needless but if they are going to do it it should have a proper ribbon uder the badge rather than what looks like a budwieser logo

  10. Augustus

    Yeah, great. Well done. Now sort out the structure and the damn team. It can’t always be down to the manager.

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