2008/09 Tottenham Hot Spurs Home Shirt

This image was an image of the Spurs shirt leaked on Facebook, this insider photo gave Tottenham fans the first look at the 08/09 home shirt Tottenham will have next season. It was pretty close, here are the actual ones:

2008/09 Puma Spurs Shirt

Whilst some unconfirmed mockups have been floating around this is the first real look at what Puma are providing for Tottenham next year, the kit is officially launched on May 6th. This photo also seems to confirm that the mock ups are fakes, or that Mansion changed the logo they wanted during the design process.

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  1. any news on the new dagenham and redbridge after they made league two survival.

  2. any thing on the new west ham kit ud be nice cos thier current one is 15 quid on thier websitte so a newone has gotta be on the cards.

  3. Looks more like a Fulham shirt to me. Where’s the navy blue? It’s good that the red Mansion logo’s gone though…

  4. someone has just photoshoped the old kit from about 2 years ago its defo not the real kit for next season

  5. Tim mate the Mansion logo is still there. Along with a lot more unwanted writing. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? I agree with Spurman on this, this top is absolute rubbish.

  6. which one is meant to be this year then, the one with or without the logo.

  7. wtf is goin on there that cud neva b it!!! i heard it wasnt goin g to b like other puma kits but dat luks rubbish

  8. Charles – the second picture with the red logo wasn’t on here when I posted. I’m thinking they’re both photoshop jobs now…

  9. Tim my apologies mate. But that kit is AWFUL! It better not be it. The Kappa 05/06 ones were the best we have had since I can remember to be honest.

  10. The one without the red looks better (red on a tottenham shirt is wrong) but it looks like a pub team shirt – too much writing on the sponsor. I for one hope its real but its probably fake.

  11. Why are Spurs Fans moaning about having a logo on their top. Surely a navy blue logo instead of a red one would be so much smarter.

  12. the second one is definatly fake the creases and background are the same if you loook closley

  13. Don’t worry peeps this is fake as you like! Zoom in and you can see the pixilations in the logo. Fingers crossed it’s better than that tho. HOLSTEN “it’s the daddy” come on LEVY you do support Spurs right?

  14. Hello citizens. I have been examining the shirt for 8 days now, and the fibres are not international certified by fifa. I dont think this shirt will pass shirt regulations.

  15. it looks really bad. I think they could be so much more imaginative with the spurs kit.


  17. that looks so fake, if that is the shirt design i will eat my existing shirt, mainly in protest.

  18. confirmed that the top one was just missing the red logo 🙁 abbey had the right one

    hooped socks!

  19. You lot saw how nice our away kit was this season, so you made it your home shirt.

    Theyre identical… excpet for the champions league badges, ahahahah!

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