Sunderland 08/09 Home Shirt

Sunderland 08/09 Home Shirt

Sunderland 08/09 Home Shirt

sunderland a.f.c have revealed their new home kit for next season to the subscribers of the clubs official e-mail bulletin, and here it is;

the home shirt is traditional Sunderland colours or vertical red and white stripes, with black shorts and red socks. The collar has a v-neck with a black insert and black bands around both shoulders. the club logo is on the left of the chest when worn and the makers logo, Umbro, is on the top right of the chest when worn. the sponsors name and logo , Boylesports, is across the centre of the chest.

Posted on April 07, 2008

Comments on “Sunderland 08/09 Home shirt”

  1. Norm

    it’s ok but southampton will have the same design as they have switch to umbro for next 5 years

  2. Jonathon

    it’s the same as the last home shirt apart from the black running bar.

  3. Le God

    Umbro have deals with nearly all the clubs who they produce for that the kit is on a one year cycle, this is purely down to keeping their finger on the pulse of fashion! (What a load of bullshit, it’s nothing less than them trying to shaft every last penny out of the average footie fan who loves there club!) Saints today have released the details of the new kit “UMBRO” have done it again this kit looks exactly the same as everyone expected it to, yes you’ve guessed it as the pics above with a slight tweak! WELL DONE DESIGNERS @ UMBRO ON FUCKING UP ANOTHER CLUBS KIT!!!!!

  4. Richy Ball

    well i say i tink it is ok but the new third kit is better but “COME ON SUNDERLAND”

  5. Kyle Bernard

    toon toon black and white army
    toon toon black and white army
    we are the geordies, the geordie boot boys
    and we are mental and we are mad,
    and we’re the loyalist football supporters ,
    the world has ever had screw all you mackems and smoggys ( sunderland and middlesborough)

  6. Mr Bean

    dis shirt looks the same YES it does mahn

  7. John

    i hope the everton one isn lookin like that but hope sunderland stay up next season

  8. Jwheelie12

    oh sorry they lost 2-0 MUFC_EMcL. So easy. Theres only one Michael Owen.

  9. MUFC_EMcL

    This shirt is cool hope safc beat newcastle

  10. Dale

    Rather the home kit fron this year. I loved the diamonds on the shoulder 🙂

  11. Ian

    Reading’s away kits have been on a one year rotate only the home has stayed for two years

  12. Brad

    looks nothing like away kit

  13. CW

    Why a new kit already? What happened to changing home kits every 2 years? Looks not bad although the current one looks better. Socks would be better if black.

  14. Peter - Sunderland Fan

    Decent kit but don’t like the black stripe on the shoulder and the red socks.

  15. Ash

    Kristy Langford, that fat tub of lard is Andy Reid! Former Forest great!!!!!!!! Ow dare u!

  16. Simpleton

    In response to the question over the positioning of the Umbro logo – I believe that Umbro place their badges higher up on the shirt, so that in facial/shoulder shots of the players hown in newspapers, websites etcetera, their logo and brand is still visible – subliminal advertising at its best!

  17. Plastic Mackem From Watford

    It’s hardly a drastic change, but then there’s not a lot you can really do with red and white stripes, is there?

    Anyhow, the lads will be staying up for the next couple of seasons, you’ll see…

    Bit of luck, might even have Harry Kewell signing the dotted line too.

  18. Dave

    Well said D King, only the big clubs 2 year rotate. Sunderland are going down next season with this awful kit.

  19. McB

    yeah Man U are on a 2 year rotate system for home shirts and 1 year for the Away and keepers shirts

  20. Alistair Gers Fan

    No, Man u home kit is for 2007/2009. Away is 07/08

  21. Gervillian Swike

    No, I think Manchester United are on a one-year rotate now too.

  22. D King

    I think the reason for the higher makers logo is to make it harder for pictures of players to cut out the logo. In sticker albums etc the shoulders tend to appear, but the chest doesn’t. Nike and Umbro and in this position and Adidas below the neckline. At least it reduces the risk of nipple rush.

  23. D King

    So Sunderland have now reverted to yearly changes. So in the top flight it is just Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle and Reading on a two year rotate. Shameful.

  24. Kristy Langford

    who is the big fat lard in the top pic? he cannot be a footballer surely? looks like he likes a few pies

  25. Dave

    i reckon that these designs will also be the new saints ones as umbro make most of there kits the same

  26. Ash

    not bad, but hope new forest home shirt aint 2 similar!

  27. James

    that is well good, as soon as it comes out i’ll be at the stadium of light buyin it. great design sunderland and keeep the good football up

  28. Mr. Oizo

    Ugly! Why can’t the Umbro logo be in the same hight as the Sunderland logo? It would look 5 million times better man!

  29. Brendan

    decent, but i prefer the two-tone blue away kit.

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