Sweden Away Shirt 08/09

Finally the last shirt for Euro 2008 has been unveiled. Sweden’s new Umbro away shirt for this summer’s tournament is as expected blue. Umbro have made the Swedes a dark blue away shirt, with yellow details and a light blue collar.

Sweden Away Shirt Euro 2008

The Euro 2008 shirt uses Umbro’s latest shirt design template, with the Swedish FA badge on left chest and the Umbro logo up near the right shoulder.

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  1. Nice shirt and colours make it even better, this is one of the better umbro kits up to now.

  2. Looks just like a black version of the Ireland top. Umbro better not start with the copying again.

  3. I actually prefer the current blue away shirt prepared for the World Cup 06. This one might look nicer with name and numbering on it. Like the crest on the side though not like England’s away shirt where it’s in the middle!

  4. Same as the Sunderland template, lets get colouring for WHU, WBA, Wigan, Swansea, Hull, Birmingham, Southampton, Everton etc. Actually Royal Blue and white will look quite good.

  5. Wow that´s a nice shirt! I was really surprised about the colour. But it´s too bad that those jerks working for Umbro, can´t put the Umbro logo at the same hight as the Swedish logo. It would look soooo much better.

  6. This is the template for West Brom’s new away top of yellow, with navy blue trim as opposed to the yellow here. Having seen a pic of it, the blue trim is not so pronounced at the top as it is herel on the Sweden trip.

    The new home strip has wider navy blue and white stripes than this season. Sleeves are more white than blue, while the shoulder bit is white. It differs to the Sunderland stiped top that Umbro has produced.

    Pictures of the strip are doing the rounds, but no release is sheduled fot the away top until the end of May/start of June

  7. can anybody tell me where i can buy the swedish away 2008 shirt from? i would be very grateful if anyone knows. thanks

  8. really wanted the home shirt but am happy with the away shirt. managed to get one, tracked one down in manchester. c’mon lads, good luck

  9. have had a few hints that the new sweden shirt design is going to be used for the new rangers kit aswell. i hope so it looks a really good design this year.

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