The New Mitre TENSILE For Football League And SPL 2010/11

The New Mitre TENSILE For Football League And SPL 2010/11

The New Mitre TENSILE For Football League And SPL 2010/11

Mitre have announced the launch of the new ball that will be used in the 2010/11 Football League and the Scottish Premier League. A total of 72 teams will be using the brand new Mitre TENSILE next season, which has a ten panel design and provides footballers with improved power, accuracy and control. Mitre have been around since 1817 and are renowned to be the world’s oldest manufacturer of footballs. In their unveiling of the ball, Mitre claim that the new TENSILE is the most technologically advanced ball ever, rivalling other balls from Nike and Adidas.

The ball has 30% less stitching than a normal ball, and the reduced seams ensure powerful and accurate shots, both straight and curved, with equal precision. The aerodynamic surface provides equal grip in all weather conditions, benefitting the player with increased control. The new Mitre TENSILE graphic design will be unique to every team that will use it, having the team colours and the team emblem on it.

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The marketing manager for Mitre, Nick Crook, stated that:

“Mitre are committed to ball performance,  we are very proud of the TENSILE and the innovation and technology used to create the ball underlies what Mitre has been associated with for nearly 200 years.”

“The TENSILE is a players ball , uses the very latest technology and we’ve no doubt it will add to the excitement and spectacle of the new season – and hopefully more goals!”

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Posted on April 25, 2010

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    its nice and hulk, its supposed to be round

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    I Like that ball, espescially in GOLD!!!!!!!


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