Tottenham Release Nike 22/23 Home Kit!

Tottenham Hotspur home kits are one of simplest  shirts in football. Predominantly white, the jerseys have their pristine base usually contain minimal to no design elements at all (as in the case of this concluded season’s primary outfit). While navy serves as the primary accent, hi-vis Volt is gradually being introduced by technical partner Nike as a vital secondary colour detail to the London-based club. We have already seen this mixed shade of green and yellow appear on the club’s 2021/22 training collection. Going into the 2022/23 season, Spurs once again adorns their white primary shirts not just with the traditional navy accent and but also with the Nike-introduced volt applications.

The abovementioned secondary colours appear on the sleeve cuffs and round collar, with navy acting as the base accent and volt forming the central striping. The inner side of the collar, which contains SPURS writings in filled and outlined forms, flips the accent roles. As always, the Spurs home shirt of 2022/23 is predominantly white with no other design elements to give emphasis on the makeup of the cuffs and collar. Typical of any major Nike jersey for the season, the Spurs outfit features a noticeable seam that arches over the chest and touches the endpoint of the round collar. The said strip is Tottenham’s sixth home set from Nike.

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