Tottenham Shirts for 2009/10 season

Puma and Tottenham Hotspurs FC have officially unveiled the new shirts that the club will wear for the 2009/10 season, after issuing a teaser with the colours that will be used for the shirts. We kept you updated with all the leaks of this London club’s shirts, and now we are pleased to bring you the pictures of the actual shirts. Spurs finished last season in the 8th position in the league, with 51 points, losing a chance to play in Europe under the guidance of Harry Redknapp by just 2 points. They hope that next season, the new set of shirts will bring them better luck and make it into a European competition.


Aaron Lennon modelled the white home shirt complemented by blue shorts and white socks. Jonathan Woodgate modelled the away kit which will be all dark blue, while Jermain Defoe modelled the all-yellow third kit. All three shirts have a V-style design on the chest, which is a widely used, recent Puma template design.

Thanks to Anthony for the news

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  1. the yellow on the home shirt comletley ruins it

    the navy kit is the best of the three

    they yellow 3rd kit would have looked better with a touch of navy but its still alrite

  2. nice shirts but that fukiin template is gettin a bit boring now puma only have 2 templates for the new season pretty stupid isnt it?


  3. the away kits look surprisingly nice…except for the ‘mansion’ logo. even the ‘v’ which looked so bad elsewhere looks nice on that blue kit. And the yellow design is very nice. Home kit looks just bad, the bright yellow on white is a bit uneasy, and I’m all for some variation on the home shirt. And again, that horrible Mansion logo, do we need red yellow and navy blue on white?
    I thought we were rid of that sponsor? I don’t much like being a walking advert for a chinese casino.
    I really like the shorts though. Nice cut.

  4. Blue one is probably the best use of that template I’ve seen (even if it is a horrible template).
    Yellow is nothing special.
    Home is revolting. Yellow? On a white shirt? What were they thinking… Such a shame given the genius that was last season’s 3rd shirt.

  5. I hate the home shirt, I think it is awful. The yellow just does not work with it. The away is okay, but I don’t like it …. but the 3rd is nice. About time Spurs had a yellow 3rd shirt that is a decent shade of yellow! The last few have been ruined by having mustard shades….this is bright and nice. And thankfully not the v template!

  6. I don’t really like any of them. The yellow completely ruins the home one and jars with the blue on the away one, while the third on eis too bright and uninspired in terms of deign.

  7. kind of nice but there baically the same as last years with a sort of yellow thingy across the shoulders i meen the yellows pratically the same

  8. Class. Love the fact that by even using Puma’s templates, Spurs always keep to their true traditions. Always recognisably Spurs. There are many Uniteds, Citys, Rovers and Rangers – but their is only one Hotspur!!

  9. Hate this template. Why didn’t they just use the Italy Confederations Cup template? Spurs kits would look great with that template. Blue is OK but the yellow is too bright, third is fine because it’s all yellow, and the home (spurs have the best home kits imo) is bloody awful. Even this crap template would have looked good with spurs had they just had navy blue lines instead of the florescent yellow

  10. Why they use yellow on home shirt? With navy it could be very nice kit, with yellow it’s horrible and maybe for me Leeds but not Spurs… 🙁

  11. In terms of the 3 basic colours, it’s fine. But why not just a plain white or a plain blue? The home kit from two years ago was all white and was perfectly fine. Now this crap? It’s atrocious! Yellow on white and also, the stripe is completely stupid! The stripe on the away kit is also- stupid!

    3rd kit is the only one I like

    And Im with everyone else, Im ready for a new sponsor and kit manufacturer. Why not Nike? Most of their kits ARENT ridiculous

  12. Matt, if they had put out a “plain” shirt, many of the above posters would’ve complained about it being “too boring.”

  13. I still would have preferec to see them use a templete that another team had used a couple of years ago however them shirts are fine.

  14. There’s still some hope. If Feyenoord can boycott Puma and get their design changed why can’t Spurs? Everybody just flood the forums and e-mail Puma with protests and don’t buy the shirts when they come out and maybe they’ll catch on and change it. It’s worth a shot and it’s much better of a plan than buying these pieces of shite.

  15. CT, the yellow 3rd shirt is the same template as the Italy Confederations cup shirt. Which is why it is the only decent one of the three.

  16. I reckon these kits took some overpaid Puma kit designer the best part of, hmmm let me see, 2 minutes to come up with these new ideas?? Home kit is nasty on first impression. Just hope it will grow on me in time….


  18. think its a bit of a photoshop jobby
    the home kits just this years kit witha couple of yellow lines and the away ones last years away with a couple of yellow lines and no collar dunno though

  19. Ok so this was posted yesterday and say Tottanham and Puma have officially unveiled it, even though it’s being unveiled on the 25th June and away and 3rd in July, and go on the Tottenham website and Puma website…Have fun searching for this stuff on there, you’ll be searching a bloody long time

  20. I agree with everyone who said that the yellow details on the home shirt completely ruin it! Last year’s kit was better, come on!

    The blue one is nice, and the yellow one is horrendous, at least with that one the players won’t get lost on the pitch.. I feel sorry for spurs fans really..

    Come on REDS! We can do it this time! YNWA

  21. Ant, you’re right mate, didn’t notice that at first. That’s why its not ruined completely like the other two

  22. why has every puma/mansion spurs shirt been awful? the home one is absolutely vile! who plans for the look of the shirt and decides it looks good. terrible effort again spurs!

  23. Spurs are very proud of their history, and this range shows that. Takes into consideration early spurs kits which were white/blue/red/yellow, and the fact that all them colours have appeared on the badge!

    The Puma template has a European style to it which is ok, but would’ve preferred something like Holsten as sponsor.

  24. WTF are those yellow stripes down the shirt??? it looks ridiculous! Will not be buying that! ditch puma and get nike!!!!

  25. lets all laugh at tottenham
    lets all laugh at tottenham
    ha ha ha ha
    jermain defoe is a w*****

  26. Why is there yellow strips on the Home Shirt. Completely Ruined it! the yellow strips to be replaced by blue strips would be awesome!

    Think we should all write we disagree with the yellow strips on Spurs Forum with a hope that they would change the colour of that strip just before launch date on 24th, as Feyernord did!

    Come On people! lets make spurs change the shirt! so we can happily splash the cash for the new home kit!

  27. who cares what they look like i’m gonna buy all three and wear them with pride. COYS!!!!!

  28. Haha, as an Arsenal fan I’m glad to see such a disgraceful kit on Spurs. I just think it’s the template, it’s awful by Puma. They’ve lost ground on other brands this year. And I know my opinion doesn’t really count towards a Spurs shirt but I think the yellow on the home is a bad idea.

  29. awful designs . will definately NOT be buying . the yellow is an abominatiobn on the homeshirt

  30. maybe the yellow on the home shirt is awful, but realistically everything abotu the arsenal shirts and arsenal is just repulsive.

  31. The gooner fans are having a go at our shirts, but they had the all time repulsive one when they had the black & yellow wall paper shi(r)t and anything red is just crap!!

  32. This is a photoshop how can the release pictures be leeked when they havnt even been taken yet? They are due for one hotspur magazine next week! I will still buy them what ever they look like!! COYS! Oh yeah and to all you goons on here just take a look at that lovely green top opf yours before you rip into our “new” (fantasy) shirt!!

  33. is it just me or are these just last seasons with a random and unnecessary bit of yellow on?

  34. i am so disapointed with the shirts!
    the home kit ok but ruined by the yellow V
    the blue kit not to my taste
    and the yellow kit looks like last years keeper kit

  35. ok now its official: puma have managed to design the most hideous football shirts this season. i feel sorry for all the clubs that happen to be sponsored by puma. simply embarassing.

  36. The thing with Puma is we will always have our kit made by them as long as we are owned by ENIC as they are something to do with Puma (I think investors)! So we are stuck with them. This is the reason for last seasons black and gold third choice kit it was to go with the new puma “kings” that were released last year!!

  37. After looking on the official site, ref the potential kit launch the silhouette of lennon matches the one above! So despite what I have previously said, unfortunately this is the real kit! Gutted but im still going to buy it cus I have every year since 93 so im not going to stop now! Blue one this year tho me thinks!!! COYS!!

  38. For the last 10-15 years or so Spurs have had roughly the same template; shirt sponsor on left breast, club crest on the right. Frankly its boring and unoriginal, Kappa’s kits from a few years ago were the most interesting, by adding navy sleeves which isn’t really saying much. At least they were prepared to try something new – how can you expect to charge fans 40 quid for the same old year after year?

  39. Boring kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just a re hash of our previous kit for the last two seasons
    Feel let down………..let’s secure Nike as our kit sponsor for season 2010/11

  40. oh my god, i swear i am not gonna wear any of them kits, us poor fans are gonna get even more stick about are crappy kits from arsenal,west ham, chelsea. i thinks if f-ing terrible the way they have just photoshopped they 07/08 kits with a yellow v, who reckons they have recycled that kit,

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