It was announced on BBC that two different firms will have their logo on the Tottenham shirts next season as the club looks set to agree a deal for Cup ties and another deal for League matches. The Spurs ranked 4th in the table in the 2009/10 season, so their claim for more revenue from shirt sponsorship agreements is understandable as the club shirts will have more exposure in England and in Europe. Apart from the FA Cup and the League Cup, the Cup sponsor will have its logo on the shirts for the qualifying rounds of the UEFA Champions League, and for the group stage and following stages if Tottenham qualify.

A deal with software infrastructure company Autonomy has already been struck for the 38 League games. The club is currently in discussions with several companies for the place on the Cup shirts. The idea can be attributed to club chairman Daniel Levy. It was also announced that the new shirts will be worn in Spurs’ USA tour when they take on San Jose Earthquakes on the 17th July. Autonomy is the fifth sponsor in the club’s history, and take over from Mansion. The deal with Autonomy is worth £20 million.

10 thought on “Tottenham to have 2 shirt sponsors in 2010/11”
  1. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, it looked perfect without any sponsors spoiling the bloody thing, please don’t ruin a really nice shirt…..i know this request is futile but thought i would ask and i’m not even a spurs fan ^^

  2. Be glad Spurs arn’t in the Championship wearing Lotto shirts.

    Big red squares on the sleeves, League badges on the sleeves, sponsor on the front, sponsor on the back, sponsor on the shorts.

    All shirts will have the Manchester United problem of not being able to distinquish the shirt from the advertising boards.

    I now only buy international shirts to avoid the constant changes and adverts.

  3. Well, at least the Autonomy logo is roughly the same colour as the club logo, which is more than can be said about the Mansion square, anyway.

  4. Thank GOD! They’ve finally got some common sense! Shirts look much better with shirt sponsors.

  5. Southampton have no sponsor this season to celebrate 125 years 🙂 are we the only club in the uk to do this?

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