Trabzonspor 2013/14 Nike Home, Away, Third And Goalkeeper Kits

Trabzonspor 2013/14 Nike Home, Away, Third And Goalkeeper Kits

Trabzonspor 2013/14 Nike Home, Away, Third And Goalkeeper Kits

Trabzonspor is a Turkish football club from Trabzon. The team plays home games at the Hüseyin Avni Aker stadium which has a capacity of 24,169. Trabzonspor finished the 2012/13 campaign with a 9th place finish in the Süper Lig table, the top division in Turkey.








The kits of the club are manufactured by Nike and sponsored by Türk Telecom. Above you can see the new kits to be used during the 2013/14 campaign. The home shirt is claret and blue. Its body is blue with a wide vertical claret stripe in the centre, while the sleeves are claret with blue bands on the edges and the collar is a blue V-neck. The away shirt has a white base colour with a blue flapped polo-style collar and blue bands on the sleeves. The third shirt has a horizontal gradient design with the upper part being claret and the lower part being blue. Green and black goalkeeper kits were also launched.

Posted on July 16, 2013

Comments on “Trabzonspor 2013/14 Nike Home, Away, Third and Goalkeeper Kits”

  1. Sainty

    All great shirts, always like Trabzons kits, nothing to do with being a Villa fan 😀

  2. Aint Got A Kalou

    Remind me of Scunthorpe

  3. Andy

    Home and 3rd are horrible!

  4. Ya Mam

    one word – scunthorpe

  5. Mitchivic

    I like how the 3rd shirt doesn’t clash with the home at all. Maybe it’s a European shirt or cup shirt.

  6. Jambo

    Whats the point of the 3rd kit? Just plain money grabbing from Nike

  7. Matt Powell

    What is the point of having the home and 3rd kits exactly the same colour but in a different template?

  8. Changeme

    Agree with both comments. There’s too much blue on the home, needs to interchange the shorts to break it up.

  9. Truth

    agree with above but don’t mind the third for some reason,as long as it’s with the red shorts.
    home too…the blue shorts in these strips are a no.

  10. Doctor's Your Uncle

    The home and away are very cool. The third is poor. I hate that “fading” effect.

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