We unbox the England 2014 World Cup Away Kit

With England launching their home and away kits for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil last month we had the chance to unbox the exclusive edition of the England Away Kit.

England’s 2014 World Cup away kit celebrates the team’s history revealing the nation’s most iconic symbols in a modern design. The shirt features a pinstripe tonal design which boasts a faint St. George’s cross in the middle. This exclusive edition uses a combination of Nike Dri-FIT technology to put cooling air flow exactly where players need it most.

The crest features a satin weave base also featured on the home shirt. The England crest boasts one silver star above representing the nation’s 1966 World Cup title. The kit is completed with white shorts and red socks.


Like on the home shirt a pennant tab is added to the back of the neck while the crest features a satin weave base also on the home shirt. The kit is completed with white shorts and red socks.


Boasting a unique neck and collar design the front panel of the shirt moulds into the collar allowing for the St. George’s cross to completely merge with the player.


Thanks to JD Sports for supplying the away kit for review. England are likely to wear this kit against Uruguay in the group stages. Their white home kit should be worn against Italy and Costa Rica.

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