Universitario 2013 Special 88th Anniversary Limited Edition Kit

Club Universitario de Deportes is a football club from Peru commonly referred to as Universitario or as La “U”. The team finished 7th in the 2012 Primera Division Peruana. By the 14th matchweek into the 2013 season, the team is ranking 3rd in the table out of 16 clubs. The home stadium of the club can take up to 80 thousand fans and is called the Monumental “U” Stadium. The team won the Peruvian Primera Division 25 times in their history.










Umbro, the club’s kit supplier, launched a special limited edition kit to commemorate the club’s 88th year anniversary. The shirt has a polo style with a cream flapped, buttoned-up collar. The sleeve hems and Umbro logo are dark red, like the Universitario club crest. The year 2013 is embroidered on the back of the neck, and the text ‘Limited Edition’ appears on the side of the shirt.

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  1. Likely one of the last decent umbro shirts we’ll see for a while. .

    Very nice

  2. A bit more information wouldn’t go amiss here. Why celebrate an 88th anniversary? Why the extended buttons?

    It’s a lovely shirt, mind.

  3. Hang on…. Aren’t United supposed to have the buttons down the chest next season? Never been a fan of this kind of shirt.

  4. Can’t help but feel this shirt could have been a nice 150th anniversary shirt for a team that have just left Umbro…………..

  5. Brilliant shirt! I would love to see UA make something like that for Spurs next season. 🙂

  6. The worst thing about this shirt (and all the other excellent Umbro Universitario shirts)? You can’t buy the bloody things anywhere outside of Peru! No wonder Nike announced they were not a profitable company – they don’t have any decent distribution for many of their products.

  7. 88 years…so what? what are they going to do for 90 or 100 years?
    Nice retro shirt for a centenary shirt, not 88!!!

  8. This shirt is for 100th anniversary of the birth of Teodoro “Lolo” Fernandez, the greatest Univeristario player of all times.

  9. Lovley shirt…. Not sure of the anniversary but I will take Moa at his word.

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