The player name and number of Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie was the most popular during the entire 2012/13 Barclays Premier League campaign by a significant margin over any other player in the league. After his move from London to Manchester, the Dutchman’s goal tally for United amounted to 30 goals in all competitions in 48 appearances, with 26 being scored in the Premier League to win the Golden Boot, one scored in the FA Cup, and three scored in the UEFA Champions League.


Slightly more than 25% (25.4%) of all kits sold in the United Kingdom had the name and number of Robin Van Persie printed on them. When Holland were on a tour of Asia in the post-season, Robin received at least five offers for seven-figure commercial deals which required that he spends more time in Asia, but he refused all of them to concentrate on preparations for the new season and on his playing career for Manchester United and Holland. Robin was appointed captain of his country’s national team in June 2013. The top ten players on the list of most popular shirt printing can be seen below:

Van Persie (Manchester United) 25.4%

Gerrard (Liverpool) 8.2%

Rooney (Manchester United) 6%

Kagawa (Manchester United) 5.8%

Suarez (Liverpool) 3.6%

Hazard (Chelsea) 3.1%

Scholes (Manchester United) 2.7%

Torres (Chelsea) 2.5%

Aguero (Manchester City) 2.2%

Podolski (Arsenal) 2.1%

One thought on “Van Persie tops 2012/13 Premier League Shirt Printing List”
  1. I can think of 4-5 players i’ll get on my back before Hazard or Torres this season
    1. Lampard
    2. Dave (Azpilicueta)
    3. Ivanovic
    4. Terry
    5. Mata

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