WBA Leaked Kits

WBA Leaked Kits

WBA Leaked Kits

West Bromwich Albion’s kits for next season have been leaked (express & star). Both have no sponsor at present. The home kit is striped black and white. It has a v-neck black and white collar. Shirt sponsor Umbro have their logo placed on the top right side of the shirt while WBA’s crest is placed just over the heart.

Their away kit is mainly light gold with touches of black. It has a black collar. Umbro, shirt sponsor, has its logo on the top right side while the club logo is placed on the top left side.

What do you think? Fake or WBA’s shirts for next season?

Posted on May 22, 2008

Comments on “WBA Leaked Kits”

  1. BONGO

    who’d sponser them there crap and will neva be premiership qaulity lmao

  2. Jesus

    Why hasnt it got a shirt sponsor? i can understand WHU situation………….

  3. WBA Hater

    i fink dat dis is da worst kit eva. ive neva seen such a s*** kit but i spose its expected wen ur team is as s*** as wba…

  4. WFC

    look how far down the badge is on the away shirt
    its gotta be fake

  5. Luka

    Black and white? am u sure dude:P Yellow strip .. looks okay, like brazil ayyit , thats cuz we play like brazil! .. and wtf am u dingles on about , didnt even make the play offs!! Haha . Look where we finished ! Pride of the midlands aint we =]

  6. Baggicmagic

    boing boing liking the away kit looks more yellow than gold 2 me tho n the home is just last seasons with the collar and those diamonds on the shoulders removed n the red v-neck section as just changed to blue

  7. Ben The Baggie

    Luvin the new 08/09 kit best shirts in ages but what is the sponser? stand up if u hate the wolves!!!!!!!!! dirty dingles

  8. Lukeeeeeee

    boing boing ! shirts normaly gud but going old school but dose it mata come on you baggies wba for life

  9. Wba-alex

    hmmm… i wounder what the keeper kit will be like

  10. Wba-alex

    i like the away kit, but i’m not to keen on the home i reckon it could look better. but have they said this is definatly going to be used yet or not?

  11. Steve Baggies

    what are these dingle fans on about, there still in the tampax division, nice home strip, don’t know about the dingle coloured away strip, but its better than that diareah couloured dingle strip, we are premier league!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh

  12. Villaboy

    Nice Kit, should be a white away kit though

  13. Calvin

    i fink it is ok the home 1 dat is

    the away 1 is like da wolves 1 and it is gold nd black

    they r fake

  14. Wba-arf

    I like the shirts along as………..the home kit IS blue and and not black stripes and the away is brazil yellow and not shitty dingle colour.Super mogga!!!

  15. Will_bcfc

    Oh gosh I feel sorry for Baggies fans. Those shirts aren’t even pub team standard.

    They are hideous.

  16. Baggiejona

    For anyone who thinks these are fake because there is no sponsor, think again. They are the real thing, but as usual good old Jeza is not letting wana be sponsors take us to the cleaners with an under valued offer. As I understand it he held out until he knew if we were in the premiership or not and has now started negotiating. Two companies are seriously interested but as yet have not come up with required offer. I don’t know who they are but do know these shirts are made and ready they are just waiting for the the sponsors logo. Say what you like about our chairman but he runs a tight ship and unlike others we are not millions in debt and dependant on the banks.

  17. Keirr

    they have to change the home kit drastically when we’re in the prem coz of newcastle.

    i love the new home kit tbh, very retro

    im glad that theyve put some colour into the away kit to make us stand out abit more. its better than plain and boring white

  18. Life Long Baggie Fan Paul

    Home top ok… Away top similar to Brazil colours nothing like the dingles custard bowl yellowy orangy crappy kit.

  19. Bob

    looks absolutely hingin

  20. John-wba

    the away kit is like a brazil yellow, not a gold so we aynt lukin lyk the dingles and the home kit is slightly like the home kit last year but is nicer because it is new 🙂 i kno hav saw them in person

  21. Aussie Baggie

    not a fan, prefer 07/08 season home strip don’t know why they want to change it. I think the away strip should be changed, although don’t like the gold. Whatever happened to the green and gold stripe? bring that back i say Boing Boing

  22. Ingy

    my m8 works at the club shop and he said tht the its look liked tht so they are real lik.e the sponsor issue will b sorted by june he reckons loli like em both

  23. Wba Fan

    i dont like this kit hope its fake
    it should be 5 stripes 2 white 3 blue
    away kit not bad and why have we not got a sponsor if its real?

  24. Gary Glitter

    never mind the shirt when this gera gunna make his mind up. is he signing for everton or not ,i wouldnt blame him like cause the history an tradition of that club is superiour to ours an ya would’nt blame the lad 4 going to play in europe .i think harry kewell on a free would be agood replacement though its not all doom an gloom at the hawthorns .

  25. D King

    Very nice shirt, shame it will get spoilt by a sponsor’s logo. On that basis I hope WBA fail to get a sponsor, of put it on the back of the shirt.

    P.S. I bet the away shirt doesn’t sell as gold is similar to Wolves’ dirty Orange colour

  26. Metalbaggie

    i dont mind this shirt..very retro looking,which is kinda good..as for wwfc,you absolute muppet,you have NO bragging rights over us at all..havent had any for years and years to come..go back to your little dingle filled custard bowl and enjoy the fizzy pop league yet again..BOING BOING..BOING BOING..BOING BOING

  27. Andy

    looks shite going down back where ya belong

  28. Wigan Water

    It’s the West Brom version of the Wigan top, I know this because I have the Wigan top. The style of the line is the same (even with the thin line between each line), same with the collar.

    To make a long story short, it is the same exact template just with West Brom’s colours.

  29. Baggiejona

    Yep this is it and it’s real. Takes us back to the eightys with the yellow/gold and it’s almost an identical copy, just missing the thin pin stripe hoops from back then. That kit was made by umbro aswell. (What are they running out of ideas already ?). The home is also an old design just jazzed up aswell but should look better as a fashion item than the last one though.

  30. Brom Bhoy

    Throw an auld Eircom logo on it!

    Nice tops.

  31. H

    the home oe is ok but that away one is swag birmingham cities and aston villa’s kit look better than that teatowel.

  32. Wakey

    blatantly fake!

  33. Flemmo Wba Till I Die

    what a load of rubbish the away kit is like the bleedin dingles for gods sake cum on lads its awful its got 2 b fake

  34. WoS

    Ahem, I did post what the shirt would be like on here (no pics of course) about a month ago

  35. AngleseyBaggie

    The away kit is obviously an omage to our new reputation as West Brazil Albion. I suspect the back of the home shirt is all white for those blind Premiership refs to be able to see the numbers clearly. 😉

  36. Mike C

    I liked last seasons shirt a lot more than this one, for a team that is in the premier league, this shirt looks tacky.

  37. Phil_G

    Fairly decent kits actually, stripes end at weirdpoints on sleeves n front but other than that its pretty good. Just have to hope the sponsor look good on them though.

  38. Mike

    not bad tbf, have to see what they look like with our new sponsor on.

  39. CBMirren

    Away kit looks like an old Scotland away strip from the 80’s

  40. D

    Tim: Well, Arsenal played in a white away kit last year.

  41. Tim

    A gold away kit? What’s next – Everton having a red away kit, United having sky blue? Why would they want to wear the same colours as their local rivals?

  42. Newcastle Utd Gavin McElroy

    nice kits

  43. Josh

    wwfc wot the fuk u on bowt m8 how am we a shit team where did we finish in the league ? where did the digles finished missed out on play-offs on goal difference sylvan ebanks blake couldnt score wen it rly mattered could

    btw the kits r mint lykin the new away top 🙂

  44. Flicktokick

    Not liking Umbro’s inability to take stripes all the way up to the shoulders. Same on Southampton’s and Sunderland’s.

    Other than that it’s ok.

  45. Wwfc

    what a crap kit for a crap team, looks like a tesco carrier bag, no change there then, wolves for promotion next year

  46. Brad

    this is defo the new west brom kit and it is one of the darkest blues they have used in ages, it’s not black!

  47. Nositch

    This is the best West Brom away kit in ages

  48. Augustus

    Black & white? 🙂 Are you sure?

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