West Ham Home shirt 10/11

After unveiling their new away shirt earlier, Premier League side West Ham United have now revealed their new home shirt which the team will wear for the 2010/2011 season. West Ham finished 17th last year. Their new kit is made by Macron.

The shirt is similar to the away shirt in that it is a retro design. The shirt is West Ham’s traditional home colours of Claret with Sky Blue sleeves. There is also a sky blue collar. The club badge is on the left of the chest and the makers have their name on the right in white, and have their logo on the left sleeve. The club sponsor has their name written across the centre of the shirt.

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  1. That is the best kit i have seen so far, why cant the blues get a smart kit maker like that.

  2. Best West Ham kit for a long, long time. Classic design that is simple and effective. Well done to Macron

  3. Best West Ham home shirt since the days of Adidas and Fila, can’t wait to buy it. Well done Macron.

  4. That is spot on, well done macron!

    Word of warning though, if you are thinking of buying, the sizing is a bit out… if you are normally a XL, get a L, if you are a L, get a M and so on.

    oh, and Noble is wearing the collar well, the other three not so… 🙁

  5. That is truly superb. It is good to see anew manufacturer blowing away the complacency of tired designs/non-designs by the likes of Adidas. 10/10

  6. Love the touch of gold under the collar
    well done macron showing addidas and puma!!!!

  7. It’s the same top SUFC had from last season just with different colours….

  8. When I first heard about the macron deal, I must confess I was afraid. But this kit is the best West Ham kit for years. I’m really thinking to buy both home & away shirts…

  9. Excellent home kit, best for years by far. Nice touch with the Irons on the front and rear of the collar. Macron have delivered well above expectations

  10. Before you all get over-excited about elegance and simple designs with no big logos, spare a thought for the huge macron logo on each sleeve. It really is horrible. Like the old leisure centre logos.

    I like macron, as Leeds fan I’m used to them, but their insistance on putting massive logos either on the sleeve or the reverse of training tops ruins it.

  11. The best home shirt in ages, round collar would be better though, but it’s simple and traditional and it’s great with white shorts and socks, thats West Ham, not that crap we had last year…would have prefered plain white for the away though, something like the 1980 FA cup winning shirt..still well done Macron…COYI.


    Away kit proved macron can play big league manufacturing but this steps it up a notch! one of the best shirts scince the tevez away shirt or even the adidas away shirt!

  13. Looks cheap, and the sponsor logo is too big. Best those two knocking shop owners who run the club could get though i suppose.

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